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33-Foot Brede-Class

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Length 33 feet x 12. Speed 18.6 kts
Weight 8.6t Range 140nm
Construction GRP Hull and cabin Endurance ???
Engines 2 x 203hp diesel engines Crew 4

Named after the River Brede which flows into the River Rother and joins  the English Channel at Rye in East Sussex. The prototype was built in 1981 with a GRP hull to a commercial design by Lochin Marine, the watertight GRP cabin provided a self-righting capability and a survivors area forward of the cabin provided seating for 8 people and a strecher can be carried in the crew cabin. The type was shortlived in service due to it was not considered to be suitable in rough seas and to stress limitations in the hull.


No. Name Year O/N Base/Comments
33-01 Unamed 1981 1066 Trials 81-82. Sold 1982  as John Alexander, workboat at Yarmouth, IOW. To Southampton Docks.
33-02 Ann Ritchie 1982 1080 Oban 82-87. Stored 87-88. Broken up 1988.
33-03 Leonore Chilcott 1982 1083 Fowey 82-88. Stored 88-90. Sold 1990 as Diving Support Vessel at Littlehampton, later converted to a Pilot Vessel based at Bray Harbour, Alderney in 2000.
33-04 Philip Vaux 1983 1084 Girvan 83-89. Stored 89-90. Sold as Seatruck 4 at poole. But believed to have moved to Spain. Seen at Greencastle, ROI as Morn Mist used as a pilot boat.
33-05 Merchant Navy 1983 1087 Relief 83-87. Oban 87-89. Stored 89-90. Sold 1990 as pleasure boat Lioness on River Hamble. Sold 2012 to South Africa as a lifeboat as Rescue 15/Mossel Bay.
33-06 Caroline Finch 1983 1088 Exmouth 83-94. Sold 1994 to South Africa as South Star/Lifeboat Rescue 17/Hermanus.
33-07 Inner Wheel 1983 1089 Poole 83-01. Calshot 01-02. Sold to South Africa as Nadine Gordimer/Lifeboat Rescue 8/Haut Bay.
33-08 Foresters Future 1984 1090 Alderney 84-86. Relief 86-02. Sold to South Africa as Spirit of Safmarine III/Lifeboat rescue 10/Simons Town.
33-09 Enid of Yorkshire 1984 1101 Relief 84-97. Sold 1997 to South Africa as Spirit of Toft/Lifeboat rescue 6/Port Elizabeth.
33-10 Nottinghamshire 1984 1102 Invergordon 84-88. Oban 89-97. Sold  in South Africa as Sanlam Rescuer/Lifeboat \rescue 9/Gordons Bay. Destroyed by fire 12/2010.
33-11 Safeway 1985 1104 Calshot 85-01. Sold in 2002 to South Africa as Rescuer II/Lifeboat Rescue 5/Durban.
33-12 Amateur Swimming Associations 1985 1105 Relief 85-89. Girvan 89-93. Sold in New Zealand as Sealord Rescue. To pleasure boat at Picton, NZ 11/2011.

The unamed 33-01 seen at yarmouth as James Alexander, date unknown (Photo via Sarah Hewes)

Former 33-03 Leonore Chilcott at Alderney as Pilot boat, pictured in Bray Harbour on 03/03/05 (Photo Alderney LBS)

Morn Mist, the ex-33-04 pictured at Greencastle in use as a Pilot Boat in April 2015 (Photo N. Leach)

The Former Merchant Navy 33-05 seen as Lioness at  Hamble? Date unknown (Photo via Sarah Hewes)


33-06 RNLB Caroline Finch seen in Southampton Water? (Date and Author unknown)

RNLB Foresters Future 33-08 of the Relief Fleet (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

Ex 33-08 seen as Safmarine III at Simonstown in 2013 (Photo Ben Johnson)

RNLB Nottinghamshire 33-10 seen at Invergordon 13/09/87 (Photo Galley Boy)