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H-class Griffon 470TD Hovercraft

Length 7.75-metre. Speed 30-kts.
Weight 2.4-tonnes. Range -
Construction Aluminium Hull, FRC Superstructure. Endurance 3-hours.
Engines - Crew 3.

Designed around the RNLI's requirement for rescue in very shallow waters or mud especially considering the experiences learned in the Morecombe Bay tragedy in February 2004 where so many people lost their lives due to the fast incoming tide on the mud flats.

Griffon 470TD SAR Fleet Details

O/No. Name Year C/Sign Base
H-001 Molly Rayner. 2000 MFRC7 (C/N 060) Relief Fleet. On Station 23/12/02. Officially named 11/07/03.
H-002 The Hurley Flyer 2002 MFQU2 (C/N 069) Morecombe Bay. On st

ation 23/12/02. Officially named 31/05/03.

H-003 The Hunstanton Flyer (Civil Service No. 45). 2003 MFQP6 (C/N 070) Hunstanton. On station 25/07/03. Officially named 21/05/05.
H-004 Vera Ravine. 2004 MFRD4 (C/N 072) Southend-on-Sea. On station 10/07/04 Officially named 11/06/05.
H-005 Hurley Spirit. 2004 MFQU4 (C/N 080) New Brighton, Merseyside. On station 23/06/05. Officially named 25/06/05. To Hoylake (Tempy) 02/09/16.
H-006 John Russell. 2005 MJZC7 (C/N 081) Relief Fleet, on station  08/02/05. Officially named 20/10/05.
H-007 Samburgh. 2008 2BTN3 (C/N 109) Relief Fleet, , on station 30/01/09. Officially named 29/01/09.

All are built  by Griffon Hoverwork at Southampton and are Model 470TD except H-001 which is Model 460TD.  H-008 to H-014 are expected to be996ED and no timescale has been announced re-delivery schedule.

Molly Rayner (H-001), the first RNLI Griffon 470TD, at Poole 18/03/09 (Photo N. Rush)

H-002 Hurley Flyer (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

H-003 The Hunstanton Flyer CS No. 45 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

Vera Ravine (H-004) seen at Old Leigh Regatta in May 2008 (Photo Courtesy RNLI/G. Sweeney)

H-004 RNLB Vera Ravine at Cobbs' Quay on 18/09/13 (Photo N. Rush)

H-005 seen 29/09/11 at Poole LMC (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Hurley Spirit H-005 at Cobbs' Quay on 23/10/14 (Photo N. Rush)

Photographed at Poole on 05/05/11 is H-006 John Russel (Photo N. Rush)

The Relief Fleet's H-007 Samburgh at its naming ceremony in Poole 29/01/09 (Photo N. Rush)


No.  Name  Year  C/Sign  Base/Comments
H-013   MMNZ4    

Griffon 996ED the type that was on trials with the RNLI in July 2017 (Photo Griffon Hoverwork)