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Mersey-class 11.77-metre

(Fast Carriage Boat 1 - FCB1)



Dimensions 11.6m x 3.8m x 1.0m Speed 16.5-kts
Displacement 14-tonnes Range 140-160-nm
Construction Aluminium later FRC. Endurance 10.26 hours at cruise.
Engines 2 x Caterpillar 3208T Diesels 210-kw. Crew 6

The prototype for the class, built in 1986, was sold by the RNLI in 1989. She was converted into a motor cruiser in 1998, eventually becoming the MV Spirit. She was last heard of in private ownership in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland in September 2008 and available for charter. Production models started to enter service two/three years later in 1989 and continued to be built through to 1993. The first ten of the vessels (12-001 to 010) were built of aluminium by Aluminium Shipbuilders/FBM Marine while the remainder (12-11 to 37) were constructed from Fibre Reinforced Composites by Green Marine who won the order in 1988, with FBM Marine,  Souter Marine and William Osborne involved in the fitting out process. All are due to be replaced by the new Shannon-Class commencing in 2014.

Mersey-class Fleet Details

GM No. =  Green Marine Yard Number. Fitted out yard number: FBN=Fairey Brooke Marine. SOU= Souter Marine. OSB= Wm Osborne, Littlehampton.

No. Name O/N Year C/Sign Base/Comments
12-000 Unnamed 1119 1987   (OSB2940)  Trials 1987/88. Sold in 1989 becoming Keelman then Spirit. At Clew Bay in 2012 as 12-000. Still present in 2015 Sold Jan 2016 to Ballyglass.
12-001 Peggy and Alex Caird. 1124 1988 MHSK (OSB3130) Bridlington 1988-95, Relief Fleet 1995-98. To Bembridge in February 2009 replacing  47-018. To Relief 20/10/10.To Ramsgate for store 08/2013 ish. To Poole for sale 14/02/15. Numbers/titles removed by 02/04/15. Gone by 04/06/15. Sold to Needles Pleasure Cruises as Mersey Rose 08/07/15. Sold in Canada  19/12/17. as Orange Apex as workboat in Port Stanley, Ontario.
12-002 Sealink Endeavour. 1125 1987 MJHV8 (OSB3070) Trials 1987-89, Hastings, East Sussex. ON station 13/03/89. To Poole 08/11/18.
12-003 Doris M. Mann of Ampthill. 1161 1990 MMGD2 (FBM1266) Wells, Norfolk. On station 03/07/90.
12-004 Royal Shipwright. 1162 1990 MLJQ5 (FBM1267)  Relief Fleet 1990. Cromer on station21/03/07. To Relief 06/01/08. To Mostyn Docks as Pilot boat iin 2016 as Patricia.
12-005 Lady of Hilbre. 1163 1990 MLSK2 (FBM1268) Hoylake, Merseyside. On station 12/10/90. To Relief 09/12/14. To Ramsgate for store 14/02/2015.
12-006 Andy Pearce. 1164 1990 MAZX5  (FBM1269) LLandudno, Conwy. On station 23/11/90.To Relief 18/11/17. Stored Pwlleli. Painted grey and for sale at Cobbs' Quay by 06/2018 Still present 06/2019..
12-007 Spirit of Derbyshire. 1165 1990 MLQY2 (OSB3317.) Ilfracombe, North Devon. ON station 20/07/90. To Relief 18/06/15. Unmarked at Poole  14/11/15. Sold in Malta. At Birzebbuga Harbour 14/12/15.
12-008 Lincolnshire Poacher. 1166 1990 MLJR5 (SOU0084) Skegness, Lincolnshire. On station 07/08/90 To Relief 28/01/17. Left Skegness 07/03/17. To store at Portishead. To Conwy Marina by sea 10/2018.
12-009 The Princess Royal C.S. No 41. 1167 1990 MLLN4 (OSB3559) St. Ives, Cornwall. On station 23/10/90. To Relief 26/11/15. To Coleraine Harbour Commisioners 01/06/16.Renamed Ulidia.
12-010 Lilly and Vincent Anthony. 1168 1990 MKXU7 (SOU0085)  Pwllheli, Gwynedd. On station 25/01/91.
12-11 Lifetime Care. 1148 1988 MLJP6 (GM12/SOU0061) Relief Fleet. On station 31/10/89. To Workington 23/09/90. To Relief 07/01/91. To  Cobbs Quay for repaint 01/2017 and sold to McMullen marine Services at Red Bay, Co. Antrim, NI.
12-12 Marine Engineer. 1169 1991 MLVF2 (GM16/FBM1277) Relief Fleet 1991-95, Bridlington, East Yorkshire 1995 (GM15) To Relief 26/11/17. to douglas IOM 26/04/18.
12-13 Keep Fit Association. 1170 1991 VQPI9 (GM15/FBM1278) Filey, North Yorkshire 1991-date. (GM16/FBM No. ??).
12-14 Ann and James Ritchie. 1171 1991 MLLC3 (GM16/FBM1279) Ramsey. On station 12/07/91.
12-15 Frank and Lena Clifford of Stourbridge. 1172 1991 MOPD (GM17/FBM1280) New Quay, Cardiganshire. On station 08/04/92.
12-16 Grace Darling. 1173 1991 MLHQ6  (GM19/FBM1281) North Sunderland, Seahouses, Northumberland. On station 07/08/91. Damaged on 08/11/16. To Poole. To Devonport for appraisal. TO ILC IOW  18/05/18. Returned Seahouses 20/09/18.
12-17 Kingdom of Fife. 1174 1991 MKSH2 (GM20/FBM1282) Anstruther, Fife. ON station  16/10/91.
12-18 Fanny Victoria Wilkinson and Frank Stubbs. 1175 1991 MLLH8 (GM21/FBM1283) Scarborough, North Yorkshire. On station 27/09/91. To Relief 18/12/16. All marks removed by 26/04/18. Still present 03/07/18. but had gone by 07/07/18. Arrived in Chile and wsa at Valparaiso, Chile arriving Oct 2018. Named Valparaiso IV.
12-19 The Four Boys. 1176 1991 MRZH (GM21/FBM1284) Sennen Cove 05/12/91. Relief 12/98. To Amble, Northumberland27/07/99. To Relief 12/12/16. Sold by 09/2017 and noted painted grey at Cobbs Quay 08/09/17. still present 04/20 To Falmouth by 08/2018.. Renamed Four Boys.
12-20 Leonard Kent. 1177 1991 2M285) GM23/FBM1285) Margate, Kent. On station 19/12/91.
12-21 Margaret Jean. 1178 1991 MAGK3 (GM24/1286) Relief Fleet 1992-98, Lytham St Annes 1998-99, Relief Fleet 1999-2008, Exmouth, Devon from 01/05/08 To Relief 22/05/14.
12-22 Ruby Clery. 1181 1992 2GBE (GM31/SOU0101) Peel, Isle of Man . On station 10/06/92.
12-23 Robert Charles Brown. 1182 1992 VQPI8 (GM32/FBM1322) Swanage, Dorset. On station 12/06/92. To Relief 20/04/16. Marks removed by 18/07/19. Noted as Atlantic Endeavor on  15/08/19. Sold in
12-24 Lil Cunningham. 1183 1992 VQPJ2 (GM33/SOU0102) Rhyl, Denbigshire. On station 21/06/92.
12-25 Bingo Lifeline. 1184 1992 2ERD (GM34/FBM1323) Relief Fleet. On station 29/07/92.
12-26 Moira Barrie. 1185 1992 MAGK3 (GM35/OSB3456) Barmouth, Gwynedd. On station 07/10/92. To Relief 10/03/19. To store at Conwy Marina.
12-27 Pride and Spirit. 1186 1992 2MIL (GM36/SOU0103)  Dungeness, Kent. On station 24/09/92. Last launch 09/03/14. To relief. To clifden May 2014. To Relief  14/01/16. To Seahouses  02/02/17.
812-28 Mary Margaret. 1187 1992 MHJE (GM37/Wo3555) Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford, ROI. On station 02/12/92. To Relief 04/2004. Stored at Fleetwood.
12-29 Eleanor and Bryant Girling. 1188 1992 MHJZ (GM38/FBN1324)) Newcastle, Co Down, Northern Ireland. On station 08/09/93
12-30 Her Majesty the Queen. 1189 1992 MKSE9 GM39/SOU0104) Relief 21/01/93. Cromer 07/11/96. Relief 04/03/99. Lytham St. Annes 16/12/99.. To ReliefFleet 16/06/18.
12-31 Doris Bleasdale. 1190 1992 VQPI7 (GM40/OSB3560) /Clogherhead, Co. Louth. On station 03/03/93. TTo Relief 02/06/19.
12-32 Joy and Charles Beeby. 1191 1992 MJHW8 (GM41/FBM1325) Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland. On station 05/02/93.1


Fishermans Friend. 1192 1993 VQPI6 (GM42/SOU0105) Relief Fleet. On Station  13/04/93. To Portishead store 08/01/14. Returned to Relief. To Clifden 14/01/16. o Relief 17/08/19.
12-34 Freddie Cooper. 1193 1992 MAKU5 (GM43/FBM1326) Aldeburgh, Suffolk. On station 19/12/93.
12-35 Inchcape. 1194 1993 2VAN (GM44/FBM1327) Arbroath, Tayside. On station 26/08/93.
12-36 Royal Thames. 1195 1993 2NCL (GM45/OSB3582) Eastbourne, East Sussex. On station 19/07/93. To  Leverburgh 07/08/12. To Relief 21/04/18 to paint shop  To Cobbs Quay, still present 06/ 08/2018. for sale Still present 09/2019.


Silvia Burrell. 1196 1993 MTDR5 (GM46/SOU0106) Girvan, Strathclyde. Onstation 29/08/93 to Relief 10/12/17 All marks removed by 08/2018, out of paint shop  24/09/18.

The prototype Mersey seen at Clew Bay, Westpoint, Co. Mayo in 2015 as Spirit/12-000 (Photo via Jill Beck)

The Peggy and Alex Caird (12-001) seen at a RNLI Open day in Poole (Photo by Charles Bowley)

12-001 Peggy and Alex Caird seen at Poole 29/11/11 (Photo N. Rush)

The former  RNLB Peggy and Alex Caird 12-001 seen sans numbers and titles at Cobbs' Quay on 02/04/15 (Photo N. Rush)

The former 12-001 seen at Yarmouth, IOW on 22/08/15 as Mersey Rose (Photo Tony Denton)

The former  12-001 seen at Yarmouth, IOW as Mersey Rose of Starlight Ferries before commencing its run from/to Lymington (Photo Paddy Noctor)

12-002 RNLB Sealink Endeavour (Photo Charlie B)

RNLB Sealink Endeavour 12-002 at Hastings 07/05/15 (Photo Cliff Crone)

RNLB Sealink Endeavour 12-002 at the ALC on 04/05/19 (photo N. Rush)

47-003 Doris  M. Mann of Ampthill (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

The  Relief Fleet's Royal Shipwright (12-004) at Poole 30/01/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Lady of Hilbre 12-005 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Lady of Hilbre 12-005 arriving for store at Ramsgate on 14/02/15 (Photo, by Sarah Hughes)

Andy Pearce (12-006) seen at Llandudno in February 2008 (photo Shaun Jones)

12-007 Spirit of Derbyshire at Falmouth 28/09/08 (Photo Charlie Chambers)

RNLB Spirit of Derbyshire 12-007 at Ilfracombe on 27/03/15 (Photo B. Graham)

Former 12-007 seen at Birzebbuga Harbour on 19/12/15, on restoration for private owner (Photo Chris Mifsud)

RNLB Lincolnshire Poacher on exercise at Skegness (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

Pictured at St. Ives is the RNLB Princess Royal 12-009 CS No. 41 (Photo B. Clarke)

Seen at Pwllheli  is  the RNLB Lily and Vincent Anthony 12-010 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Lifetime Care12-11  of the  Relief Fleet seen at Poole 07/04/11 (Photo N. Rush)

The ex 12-11 at Cushendall, Co. Antrim in August 2017 (Photo Courtesy N. Leach)

Bridlington's 12-12 RNLB Marine Engineer (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

The Ramsey-based RNLB Ann and James Ritchie, 12-14 seen off the IOM (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Frank and Lena Clifford of Stourbridge 12-15 at Poole 24/01/13 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Grace Darling 12-16 seen at Seahouses (Photo Courtesy RNLI/Ray Brownley)

RNLB Grace Darling 12-16 shortly after her accident in in 11/2016 (Photo David Durward)

The Anstruther-based RNLB Kingdom of Fife 12-17 (Photo Galley Boy)

RNLB Kingdom of Fife 12-17  at Cobbs' Quay 28/11/13 (Photo N. Rush)

12-18 Fanny Victoria Wilkinson and Frank Stubbs pictured 13/08/13 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

Former 12-18 pictured at Southampton Docks? in September 2018 on her way to Chile (Photo CourtesySebastian Silva Diaz)

RNLB The Four Boys 12-19 at Amble (Photo Courtesy Amble LBS)

The ex 12-19 The Four Boys at Cobbs' Quay on 08/09/17 (Photo Courtesy N. Leach)

Margate's RNLB Leonard Kent (12-20) at Poole 30/01/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Margaret Jean 12-21 seen at Exmouth (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Ruby Clery 12-22 pictured off Peel, IOM in 2009 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Ruby Clery 12-22 at Poole on maintenance on 02/04/15 (Photo N. Rush)

The Swanage-based Robert Charles Brown 12-23 at sea (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Robert Charles Brown 12-23 seen at Swanage on 17/10/12 (Photo N. Rush)

The Rhyl-based 12-24 RNLB Lil Cunningham seen on 12/03/12 (Photo D. James)

The Relief Fleet's Bingo Lifeline (12-25) on maintenance at  Poole 16/03/09 (Photo N. Rush)

The Barmouth Lifeboat 12-26 moira Barrie departs Poole following maintenance 10/12/10

 (Photo N. Rush)

The Dungeness  12-27 Pride and Spirit pictured in 2006 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Pride and Spirit 12-27 at poole on 01/05/14 just before delivery to Clifden, Co. Galway, ROI on a years trial (Photo N. Rush)

Mary Margaret (12-28) arriving back in Poole after a test run 18/03/09 (Photo N. Rush)

The Newcastle (NI) based RNLB Elenor and Bryant Girling 12-29 at Cobbs' Quay 28/11/13 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB12-30 Her Majesty the Queen seen at Lytham St. Annes in 2010 (Author unknown)

RNLB Her Majesty the Queen 12-30 at Cobbs' Quay on maintenance 02/10/14 (Photo N. Rush)

Doris Bleasdale (12-31) seen at Carlingford Lough in 2006 (Photo by Gary Young)

Seen far from home at Poole LMC is 12-31 Doris Bleasedale on 29/09/11 (Photo N. Rush)

Berwicks' RNLB Joy and Charles Beeby 12-32 seen in the North Sea (Photo Courtesy Berwick LBS)

The Relief Fleet's 12-33 Fishermans Friend at Poole on 23/06/11 (Photo N. Rush)

Aldeburgh's Freddie Cooper (12-34) seen on 26/09/07 (Photo RNLI/Colin White)

RNLB Freddie Cooper 12-34 pictured at Aldeburgh on 29/09/13 (Photo TC2)

The Arbroath-based 12-35 RNLB Inchcape seen off the Scottish coast (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

The Royal Thames (12-36) at sea off Eastbourne (Photo Courtesy RNLI/Trevor Boston)


The ex-Eastbourne 12-36 The Royal Thames seen at Poole on 26/07/12 prior to delivery to the new station at Leverburgh (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Sylvia Burrell pictured at her Girvan base on 10/04/13 (Photo Sidney Sinclair)

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