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Oakley-Class 37/48 Foot


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Length 37'  11" x 11' 6" Speed 8 kts
Weight 30 tons Range  
Construction   Endurance  
Engines Various twin diesels Crew 7

Named after  the designer Richard A. Oakley. It featured a complicated method of self-righting using shifting water-ballast. The type entered service in 1958. The boat was the last to be built from African Mahogany.


Oakley-Class 37 Foot

Builders: J. Samuel White= JSW,, OSB= William Osborne, Littlehampton.GG= Groves and Gutteridge, Cowes. HM=Herd and Mackenzie, Buckie. ML= Morris/Lorimer. Berthon-Lymington.

No. Name O/N Bldr Base/Comments
37-01 J.G Graves of Sheffield 942 OSB Scarborough 58-78. Relief 78-. Clogher Head 88-91. Relief 91-92. Newcastle 92-93. Stored 93-94. Displayed at RNLI Museum Chatham.
37-02 Manchester Unity of Oddfellows 960 OSB Sheringham 61-90. Displayed at the Sheringham museum.

Calouste Gulbenkian

961 JSW Weston-super-Mare 62-69. Relief 70-90. Newquay 90-91. to Milford Haven in 90s.  Under restoration at Donaghadee 2013.
37-04 Robert and Dorothy Hardcastle 966 GG Boulmer 62-68. Filey 68-91. Relief 91-93. In boatyard Middleton Road, Hartlepool. Moved to Whitby area 2019.
37-05 The Will and Fanny Kirby 972 OSB Seaham 63-79. relief 79-83. Flamborough  83-93. Displayed at RNLI Museum Chatham.
37-06 Fairlight 973 OSB Hastings 64-88. Relief 88-89. St. Ives 89-90. Relief 90-91. Newquay 91-92. Sold as a pleasure boat,  Almalux, at Blakeney Pit, Norfolk. Renamed Fairlight at same base.
37-07 Jane Hay 974 OSB St. Abbs 74-84. Relief 74-80. Newcastle 80-92. Stored 92-95. Broken up Tyrells Yard, Arklow. Hull may be restored.
37-08 Sir James Knott 975 GG Cullercoats 63-69. Relief 69-72 Redcar 72-85. Relief 85-90. In Kirkleathem Old museum, Redcar.
37-09 The Lily Wainwright 976 GG LLandudno 64-90. Kilmore Quay 90-92. Pleasure boat, Cork, ROI.
37-10 Charles Fred Grantham 977 GG Skegness 64-90. Relief  90-92. Broken up Branksea Marine, Ridge 08/93.
37-11 The Royal Thames 978 JSW Caister 64-69. Runswick 70-78. Pwllheli 79-91. Clogher Head 91-93. Stored  Fallgate Farm, Hanworth.
37-12 Amelia ex- James and Catherine MacFarlane 979 JSW Relief 64-78. Scarborough 78-91. Displayed at Shipwreck and Heritage Museum, Charlestown, Cornwall.  Moved to Store 05/2017 Moved to South Fereriby, Lincs 2019.
37-13 William, Henry and Mary King 980 JSW Cromer No. 2 64-67. Bridlington  67-88. North Sunderland 89-90. Climbing Frame at Drayton Park Primary School, Highbury, London.
37-14 Mary Pullman 981 OSB Kirkudbright 65-89. Baytree Garden Centre, Weston, Spalding, Lincs.
37-15 Ernest Tom Neathercoat 982 OSB Wells 65-90. North Sunderland  90-91. Under restoration at George Hewitt boatyard, Stifke, Norfolk.
37-16 The Doctors 983 OSB Anstruther 65-91. Relief 91-93. Under restoration 2010 at Donaghadee, NI.
37-17 Mary Joicey 984 HM Newbiggin 66-81. Relief 81-85. Redcar 85-86. Relief 86-88. Hastings 88-89. St. Ives 89. Under restoration at Newbiggin.
37-18 Valentine Wyndham-Quin 985 HM Clacton-on-Sea 68-84. Clogher Head 84-88. Display at RNLI Harwich.
37-19 Lloyds II 986 ML Ilfracombe 68-90. Sheringham 90-92. Broken up Rainham 08/1993.
37-20 Edward and Mary Leicester 991 OSB North Sunderland 67-89. Broken up Southampton 12/89.
37-21 Frank Penfold Marshall 992 OSB St. Ives 68-89. Broken up Southampton 12/89.
37-22 Har LIL 993 OSB Rhyl  68-90. Under restoration South Ferraby Marina, South Humberside.
37-23 The Vincent Nesfield 994 OSB Relief 69-72. Port Erin 73. Relief 73-88. Kilmore Quay 88-91. Broken up Tyrells Yard, Arklow, ROI, 12/91.
37-24 James Ball Ritchie 995 OSB Ramsey 70-91. Broken up Dumbarton 12/91.
37-25 Bird's Eye 996 OSB New Quay 70-90. Displayed at Moelfre Seawatch Centre.
37-26 Lady Murphy 997 OSB Kilmore Quay 72-88. Broken up Tyrells Yard, Arklow 08/95.


RNLB J. G. Graves of Sheffield pictured at RNLI Museum Chatham in 2010 (Photo by Phil)

RNLB Manchester Unity of Oddfellows, 37-02, now in Sheringham Museum (Author Unknown, please let me know)

RNLB Manchester Unity of Oddfellows 37-02 on display at the Sheringham Museum (Photo Courtesy Sheringham Museum)

Former RNLB Robert and Dorothy Hardcastle 37-04 at Hartlepool 13/06/15 (Photo Martin Fish)

The former Robert and Dorothy Hardcastle 37-04 pictured at Hartlepool Boatyard on 04/06/08 (photo Stan Laundon)

RNLB The Will and Fanny Kirby 37-05 at The RNLI Museum Chatham 11/07/11 (Photo Michael Belfast)

RNLB Fairlight 37-06 and The Royal Thames. 37-11 seen at Poole awaiting sale on 23/07/93 (Photo Galley Boy)

RNLB Jane Hey 37-07 pictured near Arklow in 2018 (Photo Courtesy Hugh Seale)

RNLB Sir James Nott 37-08 seen at Kirkleven in 1992 (Photo Courtesy David Durward)

RNLB Lily Wainright 37-09 at Llandudno (Date and author unknown)

The former RNLB Lily Wainright 37-09 pictured at Cork on  18/02/16 (Photo Gabriel  Whitstone)

The former RNLB The Royal Thames 37-11 seen on a farm at Hanworth 28/10/14 (Photo Martin Fish)

RNLB Amelia 37-12 on display at the Shipwreck and Heritage Museum Charlestown, Cornwall (Photo N. Leach)


RNLB William Henry Mary King 37-13 seen at Seahouses, date unknown (Photo Galley Boy)


Former RNLB Mary Pullman 37-14 seen at Baytree garden Centre on 14/05/16, in a bad way (Photo Nigel Hole)

37-15 Ernest Tom Neathercoat seen at Wells 21/07/12 with the new Shannon-Class behind (Photo Galley Boy)

RNLB The Doctors, 37-16, pictured at Berwick 04/08/90 (Photo Galley Boy)

RNLB Mary Joicey,, 37-17, seen 25/05/05 at Newbiggin under restoration (Photo Galley Boy)

RNLB LLoyds II 37-19 at Ilfracombe, date unknown (Photo Ilfracombe LBS)

RNLB Frank Penfold Marshall 37-21 pictured at Poole in 1989 shortly before she was scrapped (Photo Courtesy Dave James)

 37-22 former 37-22 Har Lil seen at Ferriby, Lincs on 25/08/19 (Photo Richard Sheard)

RNLB Birds Eye 37-25 pictured at the Moelfre Seawatch Centre in 2012 (Photo Moelfre LBS)

Oakley-Class  48 Foot 6 Inch


This lenghthened version was built as 48 feet 6 inches by  13 feet wide and entered service in 1963.

No. Name O/N Bldr Base/Comments
48-01 Earl and Countess Howe 968 OSB Yarmouth 63-77. Walton-the-Naze 77-84. Broken up Portishead 09/2003.
48-02 James and Catherine MacFarlane 983 Berthon Padstow 67-83. The Lizard 83-87. Displayed at Lands End. . Left by road on  04/07/16. To a farm  at Compton near Winchester.
48-03 Ruby and Arthur Reed 990 OSB Cromer 67-84. St. Davids 85-88. Displayed at Hythe Marina.
48-12 Charles Henry 1015 OSB Selsey 69-83. Baltimore 84-87. Pleasure boat Exeter. To Wells, Norfolk in 2016. To Royal Quuays, Newcastle by 2018
48-13 Princess Marina 1016 OSB Wick 70-88. To Basildon Motor Museum. Broken up at Portishead Dec 2013. Supersteructure reported on Wakefield Canal.

The RNLB Earland Countess Howe 48-01 (Photo credit and location unknown, via Mark Raines)

48-01 Earl and Countess Howe pictured at Poole in July 1988 (PhotoMartin Smith)

The-former RNLB James and Catherine MacFarlane 48-02 seen on display at Lands End (Photo Courtesy LBES)

Ex-James and Catherine MacFarlane 48-02 seen in a field at Compton, nr Winchester on 07/08/16 (Photo via Geoff Seale)

RNLB Ruby and Arthur Reed 48-03 on display at Hythe Marina, seen on 12/10/10 (Photo N. Rush)

Ex-RNLB Charles Henry 48-12 at Exeter in 2014 (Photo Mac McClaren)

Former RNLB Charles Henry 48-12 pictured at Wells on 03/08/15 (Photo Dan Brown)

48-13 RNLB Princess Marina at Buckie, date unknown (Photo Cliff Crone)

48-13 Princess Marina pictured at the Basildon motor Museum in March 2003 )Photo Cliff Crone)

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