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Length 37' 6" Speed 8 kts
Weight   Range  
Construction   Endurance  
Engines Twin 52hp Ford Thornycroft diesels Crew 7


Known as the "Mark II Oakley-Class, they have the same hull design but feature a survivors cabin instead of a well-deck and a fully covered wheelhouse.

Builders: OSB= William Osbourne, Littlehampton. GG= Goves/Gutterige, Cowes.

No. Name O/N Bldr Base/Comments
37-27 Osman Gabriel 998 OSB


1972. Port Erin 73-92. Relief 92-93. Sold as Anita, lifeboat Haapsalu, Estonia
37-28 Diana White 999 OSB 1973. Sennan Cove 73-91. Relief 91-92 Joseph Day, pleasure boat at Tauranga, New Zealand. To aa farm for restoration and may go back to Toranga, South Auckland.
37-29 Mary Gabriel 1000 OSB 1973. Hoylake  74-90. Rhyl 90-92. Seagoing display at RNLI Museum Chatham. To Tenby 10/2016.
37-30 Harold Salvesen 1022 GG 1973. Amble 74-86. Relief 86-92. Rhyl 92. To  Salvesen/V. Salvesen. T.S.M. Pleasure boat at Aberystwyth Marina. Pleasure boat at Borth in 2014.
37-31 J. Reginald Corah 1023 GG 1974. Swanage  75-92. 2-g-b-h  Louise at Gulburg, Denmark. . For SALE 2018.
37-32 The Hampshire Rose 1024 OSB 1974. Walmer 75-90. Relief 90-91. Anstruther 91. Relief 91-92. Sold as trip boat Lymington. To Ilfracombe by 2012.
37-33 Silver Jubilee CS No 38 1046 OSB 1977. Margate 78-91. Relief 91-93. Sold as trip boat in New York. Restored and on Hudson River 2011.
37-34 Horace Clarkson 1047 OSB 1977. Moelfre 77-87. Relief 87-93. Sold trip boat Wells-next-Sea, Norfolk.
37-35 Alice Upjohn 1048 OSB 1976.  Dungeness 77-92. Relief 92-95. Sold as Lindisfarne, Ivan Talley Rescue, Lyttleton, New Zealand. Sold to private buyer
37-36 Shoreline 1054 OSB 1979. Blyth  79-82. Arbroath 82-93. Renamed Mairi  Bahn, Portamaggie, Inverness.
37-37 Duke of Kent 1055. OSB 1982 Eastbourne 79-93. Relief 93-94. Survey Boat Tayport harbour. Returned to Hastings  14/11/17. At Eastbourne fo restoration 2018.
37-38 Princess of Wales 1063 OSB 1982. Barmouth 82-92. Relief 92-93. Renamed Glow-worm, stored in a shed at Portraine, Swords, Dublin.
37-39 The Davys Family 1064 OSB 1981. Shoreham 81-86 Relief 86-94. Renamed The Martin Family. Under restoration at Donaghadee.
37-40 James Cable 1068 OSB 1982.  Aldeburgh 82-93. Relief 93-94. To ADES 13 Uruguay.

RNLB Mary Gabriel, 37-29, seen on the Medway 28/06/05 (Photo by Phil)

Former RNLI Mary Gabrial 37-29 pictured on the THAMES ON 02/06/12 (Photo Peter Crichton)

37-31 RNLB J. Reginald Corah seen on the River Colney in 2008 (Photo Galley Boy)

The Hampshire Rose, 37-32 at Anstruther  27/08/91 (Photo Galley Boy)

Another photo of 37-32 Hampshire Rose. location and date unknown(Photo PaulR

RNLB Silver  Jubilee CS No.38, 37-33, pictured at Margate, date unknown (Photo Galley Boy)

RNLB Silver Jubilee CS No. 38 37-33 seen in New York 25/05/11 (Photo Quintin Nelson)

RNLB Horace Clarkson pictured at Lowestoft 08/12/14 (Photo P. Eddy)

Mary Bahn Ex-37-36 RNLB Shoreline seen 02/07/11

37-37 The Duke of Kent seen at Tayport in need of some TLC in 2008 (Photo Harrisman)

RNLB James Cable pictured at Aldeburgh in the 80's (Photo TC2)


My special thanks must go to Kevin Cleaver and Tony Denton without whose help this page would not have been possible.