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 Shannon-class 13.00 Metre

(Fast Carriage Boat 2 - FCB2)



Effseabee Too seen off Poole, Dorset (Photo Courtesy RNLI/Tony Roddam)

Dimensions 13.6m x 4.54m x 0.75m Speed 40-kts
Displacement 14.6-tonnes Range 250-nm
Construction Fibre Reinforced Composite. Endurance ?
Engines 2 x caterpillar 3126b 9550-hp) plus two Hamilton water jets. Crew 5

The prototype Effseebeetwo was built by Green Marine at Lymington, Hants in 2005 designed to replace the Mersey-class. Went to Vosper Thorneycroft for fitting out and then commenced her sea trials. The FCB 2 suffered from severe slamming in rough seas and the decision was taken to look at a new hull design. The "new" prototype began sea trials in 2012 With the first five of the class to enter service in 2014. . The class was named "Shannon" in April 2012 Can carry an X-class boat when operations dictate.

FCB 2-class Fleet Details

Built by Green Marine, later SAR Composites Ltd in Lymington and fitted out at Berthon Boat Co. in Lymington From 02/2015 the boats began to be fitted out at the new ALC at Poole.From 03/07/16 the hull-production moved from Lymington to Poole.

No. Name O/N Year C/Sign Base
None Effseabee Too 1285 2005 MKNY5 Prototype, (GM153Vosper Thorneycroft) . Trials from 2005. WFU 05/12. Back in service by 01/13 To Ridge Wharf, Wareham, unmarked, by 14/03/13. Sold in Holland 2013 as Noorman Northman.
13-01 Unnamed/Jock and Annie Slater 1308 2012 2FHV6 Launched at Berthon Boat CO. 26/01/2012, delivered to Poole 04/04/12. Not officially named until 11/07/13.
13-02 The Morrell 1309 2013 2GWM3 Dungeness, Kent. Delivered to Poole 15/01/14. Delivered to Dungeness 21/02/14. On station 05/03/14. Officially named 31/05/14.
13-03 R and J Welburn 1310 2014 2GWM5 Exmouth, Devon. Delivered to Poole 19/03/14. On station 22/05/14. Officially named 09/05/15.
13-04 Storm Rider 1311 2014 2GWM5 Relief Fleet Delivered to Poole 17/05/14. Officially named 17/07/14.
13-05 Patsy Knight 1312 2014 2GWM6 Lowestoft, Suffolk. Delivered to Poole 17/08/14. Returned to Berthon 23/08/14. Poole 04/09/14. To Berthon 09/09/14 To Poole 13/09/14. To Lowestoft 20/09/14. On station 02/10/14. Officially named 20/09/15.
13-06 Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood 1313 2014 2HTS8 Hoylake, Merseyside. To Poole 03/10/14. Delivered on station 09/12/14.Officially named  22/03/15.
13-07 Reg 1314 2014 2HTS9 Relief Fleet. On station 29/01/15. Officially named 08/05/15.
13-08 Derek Bullivant 1315 2014 2HTT2 Lough Swilly, Co. Donegal, ROI. DD Poole 03/03/15.On station 10/04/15. Officially named  25/06/16.
 13-09 THE Barry and Peggy High Foundation 1316 2015 2HTT4 (BBC) Ilfracombe, North Devon. Delivered Poole 15/05/15. On station 18/06/15. Officially named 26/06/15.
13-10 Ian Grant Smith 1317 2015 2HTT6 (BBC) Montrose, Tayside. Arrived Poole  03/08/15. On  station 02/09/15. Officially named 21/05/16.
13-11 Nora Stachura 1318 2015 2HTT7 (BBC) St. Ives, Cornwall. Delivered to Poole 15/10/15. Delivered to St. Ives 14/11/15. On Station 26/11/15. But returned to Berthon a few days later. To St. Ives 10/03/16. Officially named 15/05/16.
13-12 Cosandra 1319 2015 2HTT8 (Build No.001)Relief Fleet.First to be fitted out at ALC. Arrived 02/2015.  Launched 04/01/16. on trials 29/01/16. On station 11/03/16. Officially named 01/07/16.
13-13 George Thomas Lacy 1320 2015 2HTT9 (BBC1057)  Swanage, Dorset. Launched 11/2015 To Tempy store at ALC by 01/2016. To Swanage 08/04/16. On station  20/04/16.
13-14 Kenneth James Pierpoint 1321 2016 2IEK2 (ALC002)  Fleetwood, Lancs.Launched at Poole 14/03/16. Delivered to Fleetwood 26/06/16. Officially named 23/07/16.
13-15 Frederick William Plaxton 1322 2016 2IEK3 (ALC003) Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Launched at   ALC 17/05/16.
13-16 Elizabeth and Leonard 1323 2016 2IEK5 (ALC004)Amble, Northumberland. Launched at ALC 12/07/16. On station 12/10/16.
13-17 Joel and April Grunhill 1324 2016 2IEK6 (ALC005) Skegness. Linc.sLaunched ALC 10/16. Delivery Jan 2017.
13-18 William F Yates 1325 2017 2IEK7 LLandudno Conwy.,
13-19 Dorothy May White 1326 2017 2IEL3 Workington, Cumbria.
13-20 Denise and Eric 1327 2017 2IEL4 Selsey, West Sussex.
13-21   1328 2017   Relief Fleet.
13-22 Antony Patrick Jones 1329 2017   Bridlington, East Yorkshire.
13-23 Jim and Ann Ritchie 1330 2017   (First all ALC Built boat)Douglas, IOM.
13-24 Barbara Ann 1331 2018   Lytham St. Annes. Lancs
13-25   1332 32018   Girvan, Ayrshire.
1326   1333     Seahouses, Northumberland.
13-27   1334      

Effseabee Too in the Kiel Canal 11/06/07 (Photo by Kawabo)

Effseabee Too at Poole 30/01/09 (Photo N.Rush)

Ex-RNLB Effseebeetwo at Ridge Wharf, Wareham on 14/03/13 (Photo N. Rush)

The "NEW" Prototype O/N 1308 at Poole on  10/05/12 (Photo N. Rush)

The Shannon prototype seen at Barmouth on 08/04/13 (Photo D. C. James)

RNLB Jock and Annie Slater 13-01 at her naming ceremony 11/07/13 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Jock and Annie Slater seen at Poole on 31/10/13 )Photo N. Rush)

RNLB The Morrell 13-02 at Poole 24/01/14 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB The Morrell 13-02 on an early training run 31/01/14 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB R and J Welburn 13-03 pictured at Poole 27/03/14 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Storm Rider 13-04 on her first training run 29/05/14 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Storm Rider pictured at Poole 10/07/14 (Photo N. Rush)

The soon to be RNLB Patsy Knight 13-05 seen on its way to Berthons on 13/05/13 (Photo P. Edey)

RNLB Patsy Knight 13-05 at Poole shortly after delivery on 21/08/14 (Photo N. Rush)

Destined for Hoylake LBS Is the RNLB Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood 13-06 seen on 20/11/14 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Reg 13-07 of the Relief Fleet pictured at Poole on 30/07/15 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Derek Bullivant 13-08 pictured at Poole on 19/03/15 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB The Barry and Peggy High Foundation 13-09 on an early training run at Poole 21/05/15 (Photo N. Rush)

The Montrose Shannon RNLB Ian Grant Smith 13-10 pictured at Poole on 06/08/15 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Nora Stachura 13-11 pictured at Poole on 20/10/15  (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Nora Stachura 13-11 arrives at St. Ives on 14/11/15 (Martin Fish)

RNLB Cosandra 13-12 under construction at the new ALC on 08/09/15 (Photo N. Rush)

The first RNLI ALC Assembled RNLB Cosandra 13-12 on its first launch on 04/01/16 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Cosandra 13-12 on a Training run on  17/03/16 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Cosandra 13-12 at her naming ceremony on 01/07/16 (Photo N. Rush)

The soon to be RNLB George Thomas Lacy 13-13 at Berthons, Lymington on its launch on 02/11/15 (PhotoSwanage LBS)

The Swanage-based RNLB George Thomas Lacy 13-13 at the ALC on 30/03/16 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB George Thomas Lacy 13-13 at Poole 06/04/16 on the day it departed for Swanage (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Kenneth James Pierpoint 13-14 on its  launch at Poole 14/03/16. (Photo James Page)

RNLB Kenneth James Pierpoint 13-14 on trials at Poole on 31/03/16 (Photo N. Rush)

The future RNLB Frederick William Plaxton for Scarborough 13-15 at the ALC on 08/09/15 )Photo N. Rush)

RNLB  Frederick William Plaxton 13-15 at the ALC on 30/03/16 (Photo N. Rush)

The  RNLB Frederick William Plaxton 13-15 at her launch at the ALC on 17/05/16 (Photo Scarborough LBS)

RNLB Frederick William Plaxton  13-15 on trials at Poole on 02/06/16 (Photo  N. Rush)

The soon to be Amble-based ON1323 at Poole on 23/04/15 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB  Elizabeth and Leonard for Amble  13-16 at the ALC on 30/03/16 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Elizabeth and Leonard 13-16 on  trials at Poole on 28/07/16 (Photo N. Rush)

The future RNLB Joel and April Grunhill 13-17 for Skegness at the ALC on 30/03/16 (Photo N. Rush)

The soon to be RNLB William F. Yates 13-18 for LLandudno at the Alc on 30/03/16 (Photo N. Rush)

ON1324 and ON1325 for  Skegness and Llandudno respectively at the ALC on 08/09/15 (Photo N. Rush)

Workingtons RNLB Dorothy May White 13-19 at the ALC on 30/03/16 (Photo N. Rush)

All wrapped up at the ALC on 30/03/16 is Selseys  Denise and Eric 13-20 (Photo N. Rush)

Possibly future 13-21 and 13-22 at Poole on 12/05/16. (Photo N. Rush)

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