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Solent-Class 48 Foot  Mk I

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Length 48' 6" x 14 Speed 8 kts
Weight 27-tons Range 240 nm.
Construction Steel hull, aluminium upperworks. Endurance  
Engines Twin 110hp Gardner diesels Crew 7

The Solent-Class was a steel-hulled, self-righting lifeboat with a watertight  wheelhouse providing buoyancy, the cabin was fitted with sliding doors. The type entered service in 1969.

Builders:  GG= Groves and Gutteridge:  CN= Camper and Nicholson:

No. Name O/N Bldr Base/Comments
48-004 George Urie Scott 1007 GG Lochinver  69-79. Rosslare Harbour 79-84. Lochinver 85-89. Reklief 89-90. Sold 1990 as Lunga. In the Netherlands 09/2014 as Highlander.
48-005 James and Mariska Joicey 1008 GG

Peterhead 69-87. The Lizard 87-88. Relief 88-90. Sold 1990 as Mariska. Later Mirage of Dart then Three Hearts. Beached at Donegal by 08/12. Sold to Private 18/12/13, under restoration.Moved toMoross, Co. Donegal in 2015.To Coleraine 08/2015.

48-006 Jack Shayler and the Lees 1009 GG Bembridge  70-87. Dunbar88. Wicklow 89.  Relief 89-94. Sold 1994 as Anni. Now in Seaplane Museum, Tallin, Estonia. Apparently rescued by Mr. Derek john Briggs 2016.
48-007 David and Elizabeth King and E. B 1010 GG Longhope 70-88. Invergordon 88-89. Relief 89-90. Sold as Island Lass 1990. To Storm  at Bowling Basin on Forth and Clyde Canal. Present 201 + 06/20188
48-008 R Hope Roberts 1011 CN Rosslare Harbour 69-79. Fraserburgh 79-85. Galway Bay 85-87. Courtmacsherry 87-93. Sold as ANL Sea Guardian. Sold as Sea Guardian to private Sydney buyer in 2014.
48-009 City of Birmingham 1012 CN Exmouth 70-83. Walton-on-the-Naze  83-93. Relief 93-94. Sold in Uruguay 1994 as ADES 14.
48-010 The Royal British Legion Jubilee 1013 CN Relief 72-78. Fraserburgh 78-79. Relief 79-87. Peterhead 87-88 Relief 88-90. Sold 1990 as Ocean Jubilee.  Renamed The Royal British Legion and under restoration at Wakefield in 2012.
48-011 The Three Sisters 1014 CN Thurso 70-88. Wicklow 88-89. Relief 89-90. Sold 1990 as The Three Sisters. At Plymouth 2012 being converted to a survey boat. Still present 10/2018.

The Former RNLB George Yuri Scott 48-004 seen as Highlander at Emden on  28/02/09 (Photo Jens Smit)

The former 48-005 James and Mariska Joicey pictured at Fanad Head on 21/04/13 (Photo Mervyn Hutton)

RNLB james and Marisca  Joicey 48-005 seen at Coleraine on 03/08/17  (Photo Callum Cameron Ives)

RNLB Jack Shayler and  the Lees 48-006 at Bembridge, date unknown (Photo Galley Boy)

Taken at the Seaplane museum in Tallin, Estonia is the former RNLB Jack Shayler and the Lees, awaiting restoration (Photo Ritchie Leonard)


The ex-48-007 David and Elizabeth King and E.B seen at the Bowling Basin as Storm on 03/05/13(Photo Dave Forbes)

The ex-48-009 City of Birmingham seen in Uruguay as ADES 14 (Photo  Norman BRoumer)

RNLB The Three Sisters 48-011 pictured at Levington Marina, Suffolk om 24/09/07 (Photo Galley Boy)

ON1044/48-011 the former RNLB The Three Sisters seen at Turnpike, Plymouth on 02/10/18 (Photo Dave Appleby)

SOLENT - 48'6 x 14' Mark  II

The only known difference between the two marks was that the helmsman had a seat as opposed to a stool om the Mk.1 and was fitted with hinged doors. The MkII entered service in 1972.


No. Name O/N Bldr Base/Comments
48-014 Lady MacRobert 1019 GG Montrose 72-89. Relief 89-93. Sold as ADES 12//I.M. Demaldonado.
48-015 Hugh William Viscount Gough 1020 GG Stornaway 73-84. Barra Island 84-88. Dunbar 88-93. Sold as  Hugh William Viscount Gough.
48-016 Douglas Currie 1021 GG Relief 73-74. Kirkwall 74-75. Macduff 75-84. Fraserburgh 85. Portpatrick 86-89. Workington 90-92. Sold as Douglas Currie and current at Portishead. Sold to buyer in Fraserburgh in 2015.

The Douglas Currie, ex 48-016(Photo, Author unknown)

Another photo of Douglas Currie, this time at the RNLI Open Day at Poole on 09/07/11 (Photo N. Rush)