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Tamar-class 16.25-metre

(Fast Slipway Boat 2 - FSB2)



16-01 the first of the Tamar-class peter and Lesley Jane Nicholson seen on Southampton Water (Photo Kelvin Davies)

Dimensions 16m x 5m x 1.35m Speed 25-knots
Displacement 31.5-tonnes Range 250-nm
Construction Fibre Reinforced Composite Endurance 10 hours at 25-knots
Engines 2 x Caterpillar C18 (1000-hp) Crew 7

The Tamar-class carry a Y-class inflatable dinghy in a pen at the stern of the ship which is launched by lifting a section of the deck and lowering the transom, recovery is also by way of the ramp made by the lowered transom. A RWC (Rescue Water Craft-Jetski) can also be carried in this compartment. The hulls were constructed by Green Marine at Lymington, Hants,  later from 16-20 at SAR Composites,  and fitted out at DML/Babcock Marine at Devonport, Devon.

Tamar-class Fleet Details

GM No. = Green Marine Yard Number

No. Name O/N Year C/Sign Base


Unnamed. 1251 2000 ???? (GM154) Prototype. Trials 2000-06 and sold in 2006. Converted to patrol boat standards and named Princess Alexandra III for the kent Police. Based Sheerness. Sold 21/03/14 as workboat at Potton Creek, Essex. Sold to Mauritania as FPS boat named Lemereye 1 in 2017.
16-01 Peter and  lesley-Jane Nicholson 1280 2005 MDAH3 Relief Fleet 2005 (GM154?). On station  07/12/05.
16-02 Haydn Miller. 1281 2005 MDBR7 Tenby, Pembrokeshire 2006. On station 28/04/06.
16-03 The Misses Robertson of Kintail. 1282 2006 MKHY2 Peterhead, Grampian 2006. On station 29/06/06
16-04 Spirit of Padstow. 1283 2006 MKHQ4 Padstow, Cornwall 2006. On station 17/07/06.
16-05 Helen Comrie. 1284 2006 MKHM8 Longhope, Orkney 2006. On station 26/10/06.
16-06 Frank and Anne Wilkinson. 1286 2007 MKHC5 Relief Fleet 2007. On station 27/04/07.
16-07 Lester. 1287 2007 MKHW9 Cromer, Norfolk 2008. On station 06/01/08.
16-08 Grace Dixon. 1288 2007 MRHL4 Barrow, Cumbria 2008. On station  08/01/08.
16-09 Baltic Exchange III 1289 2008 MVNZ9 Salcombe, Devon. On station 10/03/08.
16-10 Edward and Barbara Prigmore. 1290 2008 MRHM5 Relief Fleet. On station 06/08/08.
16-11 Mark Mason. 1291 2009 MRHM9 Angle, Pembrokeshire. On station 23/03/09.
16-12 George Sullivan. 1292 2009 MRHN3 St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. On station 13/06/09  to Relief  17/11/17.    Returned St. Helier  05/12/17.
16-13 Victor Freeman 1293 2009 MRJL6 Relief Fleet 2009. On station 08/07/09.
16-14 City of London III. 1294 2010 MVPZ5 Sennen Cove, Cornwall 2009. On station  08/01/10.
16-15 Enid Collett. 1295 2010 MVQC5 Shoreham, West Sussex, delivered 10/10/1. On station 10/12/10.
16-16 Molly Hunt 1296 2010 MVQD2 Appledore, North Devon. On Station 28/03/2011.
16-17 Alfred Albert Williams 1297 2010 MVQD6 Bembridg, IOW. On  Station 20/09/2011.
16-18 Killarney 1298 2010 MVQE2 Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford, ROI. On station 27/10/10.
16-19 Irene Muriel Rees 1299 2011 2BTM3 Walton and Frinton. On station 10/04/11.
16-20 Rose 1300 2011 2BTM4 The Lizard, Cornwall. On station 10/07/11.
16-21 John Buchanan Barr 1301 2011 2BTM5 Portpatrick, Stranraer, Wigtownshire. On station 08/11/11..
16-22 Alan Massey 1302 2011 2BTM6 Baltimore, Co. Cork, ROI. On station 15/02/12. Officially named 22/09/12.
16-23 Diamond Jubilee 1303 2012 2BTM7 Eastbourne, East Sussex. On station 26/06/12.
16-24 John D. Spicer 1304 2012 2BTM8 Porthdinllaen, Gwynedd. On station 20/08/12.
16-25 Kiwi 1305 2012 2BTM9 Moelfre, Anglesey On station 04/03/13.
16-26 Norah Wortley 1306 2012 2BTI3 St. Davids, Pembrokeshire. On station 15/04/13. Officially named 14/03/17.
16-27 Roy Barker IV 1307 2013 2BTN2 The Mumbles, Glamorgan. Delivered to Poole 22/05/13. Finally delivered to Mumbles 14/10/13.On station 08/02/14.

Built by Green Marine at Lymington, Hants, fitted out by Babcock/DML at Devonport and designed to replace the forty Tyne-class FSB1's. The prototype Tamar  (Green Marine Yard No. 110) was built in 1999 and after tests was converted to a patrol boat at Appledore by Seawind Barclay Curle for the Kent Police Force becoming Princess Alexandra III. The first of the RNLI's order completed her sea trials in July 2005 with the initial delivery going to the Relief Fleet. The first to go to an operational station was the Haydn Miller (16-02) which was delivered to the Tenby station inApril 2006. The RNLI, in order to protect the building of the lifeboat hulls bought Green Marine and formed a new company, SAR Composites Ltd in early 2009.

The prototype Tamar, Princess Alexandra III, pictured off Gravesend 27/03/08 (Photo Ken Smith)

Haydn Miller (16-02) seen off Holyhead 01/09/08 (Photo by Jennifer

RNLB Haydn Miller seen at Poole LMC, the first time she had been seen with her white hull, on 26/01/12 )Photo N. Rush)

The Misses Robertson of Kintail (16-03) seen off Peterhead (Photo Peter T)


Spirit of Padstow (16-04) on sea trials in 2006 (Photo Courtesy RNLI/Rob Aggas)

RNLB Spirit of Padstow 16-04 at Cobb's Quay 11/07/13 (Photo N. Rush)

The RNLB Helen Comrie  16-05 seen shortly after delivery (Photo Courtesy RNLI).

Frank and Anne Wilkinson (16-06) seen in 2008 (Photo by Peter T)

RNLB Frank and Anne Wilkinson 16-06 at Poole on 02/04/15 )Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Lester 16-07 pictured at Poole LMC on 09/07/11 (Photo N. Rush)

The Tamar-class Grace Dixon (16-08) operating off Barrow (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Grace Dixon 16-08 pictured at Poole 02/10/14 (Photo N. Rush)

The Baltic Exchange III 16-09 seen off Salcombe 03/03/08 (Photo N. Leach)

RNLB Baltic Exchange III 16-09 at Poole 04/06/15 (Photo N. Rush)

The Relief Fleet's Edward and Barbara Prigmore (16-10) at Poole 29/01/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLI Edward and Barbara Prigmore 16-10 seen departing Poole on 31/07/14 (Photo N. Rush)

Angle's new boat RNLB Mark Mason (16-11) at Poole 29/01/09 prior to delivery to the Station (Photo N. Rush)

The RNLB Mark Mason (16-11) one of her first training run at Poole 19/02/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Mark Mason (16-11) departing Poole on delivery 13/03/09. She called at Weymouth, Plymouth, St. Mary's and Padstow before finally arriving at her Angle station on 17/03/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB George Sullivan (16-12) on self righting tests at Plymouth 03/02/09 (Photo Babcock Marine).

The Relief Fleet's 16-13 Victor Freeman departs Poole on 21/10/10 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB City of London III 16-14  at Sennen Cove (Photo Courtesy  RNLI/Tim Stevens)

RNLB City of London III 16-14 at Poole on 20/04/15 after "Sheathing" work on her hull (Photo N. Rush)

Shoreham's new Tamar, 16-15 Enid Collett departs Poole on delivery  10/12/10  (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Molly Hunt 16-16 photographed at Appledore (Photo Rainer Petzold)

The Bembridge 16-17 Alfred Albert Williams seen on one of her early launches on 26/09/10 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Alfred Albert Williams 16-17 at Cobbs' Quay on 02/10/14 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Killarney seen at Poole LMC on 09/09/10 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Killarney 16-18 on maintenance at Cobbs' Quay on 21/08/14 (Photo N. Rush)

The Irene Murial Rees pictured at Pool 07/02/11, prior to delivery to Walton-on-Frinton (Photo N. Rush)

The Lizard's RNLB Rose 16-20 at Poole LMC on 10/06/11 (Photo N. Rush)

The Portpatrick Tamar 16-21 John Buchanan Barr departs from Poole on delivery on 03/11/11 (Photo N. Rush)

Baltimore's 16-22 Alan Massey seen at Poole 13/10/11 (Photo N. Rush)

The RNLB Diamond Jubilee 16-23 at Poole 24/05/12 (Photo N. Rush)

The RNLB John D. Spicer 16-24 seen at Poole 16/07/12 just prior to delivery (Photo N. Rush)

The RNLB Kiwi16-25 seen at Poole on 06/11/12, she is destined for Moelfre (Photo N. Rush)

The St. Davids-based RNLB Norah Wortley 16-26 seen at Poole the day before delivery on 11/04/13 (Photo N. Rush

The last of the current batch Rnlb Roy Barker IV 16-27 at Poole 19/09/13 (Photo N. Rush))

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