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Trent-class 14.00-metre

(Fast Afloat Boat 4 - FAB4)

14-08 Douglas Aikman Smith seen off Cromarty in 2005 (Photo Ian Boyle/

Dimensions 14.26m x 4.9m x 1.3m Speed 25-kts
Displacement 27.5-tonnes Range 250-nm
Construction Fibre Reinforced Composite. Endurance ?
Engines 2 x MAN D2840LE 401 Diesels 860-hp. Crew 5

Built by Green Marine Ltd and fitted out by FBM Marine/Souter Marine. The Trent-class normally carries a 2.8-metre XP-class inflatable (based on the Avon Rover 200) capable of carrying two crew members.



Trent-class Fleet Details

GM No. = Green Marine Yard Number: WO=William Osborne, Littlehampton. SOU = Souter Marine, Cowes. IOW BBC=Berthon Boat Co, Lymington. MR= Halmatic.

No. Name O/N Year C/Sign Base
14-01 Earl and Countess Mountbatten of Burma. 1180 1991  2GEM4  (GM48/WO3444) Trials 1991. Alderney, CI on station 07/03/94. To Relief/Training 21/07/95.  To Sales list 20/02/19. Sold to Diverse Ventures, IOW and present there by 20/03/19.
14-02 Esme Anderson. 1197 1994 MLPB2 (GM 49/WO3618(  Ramsgate, Kent. On station 24/08/94.
14-03 Blue Peter VII. 1198 1994 MAEA3 (GM50/SOU107) Fishguard, Pembrokeshire. On station 02/09/94.
14-04 Roy Barker I. 1199 1995 2MGE (GM51/WO3617) Alderney. Channel Islands. On station 21/07/95.
14-05 Anna Livia. 1200 1995 2GBF (GM53/SOU108) Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, ROI. On station 29/06/95.
14-06 Winsor Runner (Civil Service No. 42). 1204 1995 MBJJ5 (GM54/MR3778) Blyth  21/12/95. To Relief 16/07/04. To Relief at Dunmore East 01/12/17.
14-07 Frederick Storey Cockburn. 1205 1995 MOBW (GM55/WO3718) Courtmacsherry Harbour, Co. Cork, ROI. On station 18/09/95
14-08 Douglas Aikman Smith 1206 1995 2ERC (GM56/SOU109) Invergordon, Inverness. On Station 04/05/96.
14-09 Sir Ronald Pelchell Bt 1207 1995 2CUM (GM58) Dunbar On station 17/12/95. Broke her moorings in storms at Dunbar, Lothian on 22/03/08 and damaged beyond repair at Torness, (GM58).
14-10 Samarbeta. 1208 1995 MAWB (GM59) Great Yarmouth and Gorleston, Norfolk. On station 25/02/96
14-11 Barclaycard Crusader. 1209 1995 2EQW (GM61) Eyemouth, Borders. On station  31/06/96. To Relief 19/01/19.
14-12 Forward Birmingham. 1210 1995 MCFR2 (GM63) Exmouthh. On station 06/07/96.Relief Fleet 2009. To Ready Relief at Hartlepool 17/12/13.
14-13 George and Ivy Swanson. 1211 1995 VQIZ7 (GM64) Sheerness, Kent. On station 16/03/96.
14-14 George and May Webb. 1212 1995 MJCG6 (GM66) Whitby, Yorkshire. On station 10/04/96.
14-15 Henry Heys Duckworth. 1213 1996 MCUV7 (GM67) Relief Fleet. On station 23/02/96. Barry Dock 23/01/06. Relief 28/07/06. To Red Bay on 2 year trial 28/01/16. On station 22/06/16.
14-16 Stanley Watson Barker. 1214 1996 2IPE (GM69) Portree, Isle of Skye. On station 07/06/96.
14-17 Elizabeth and Ronald. 1215 1996 2ER(X (GM71) Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, ROI. On station 07/10/96.Damaged  30/11/17. To Falmouth for damage assessment 21/03/18.
14-18 Maurice and Joy Hardy. 1222 1996 2EQX (GM73) Fowey, Cornwall. On station 10/10/96.
14-19 Ger Tigchelaar. 1223 1996 2EQV (GM75) Arklow, Co Wicklow, ROI  On station 19/02/97.
14-20 Roy Barker II. 1224 1997 GGGB (GM77) Wick, Highlands. On station 13/02/97.
14-21 Macquarie. 1225 1997 2CUM (GM78) Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. On station 28/03/97. To Relief 02/10/2004.
14-22 Edward Duke of Windsor. 1226 1997 MBLZ (GM80) Relief Fleet. On station 15/04/98.
14-23 Mora Edith MacDonald. 1227 1997 MCUW7 (GM82) Fitted out by Osborne's. Oban, Strathclyde. On station 17/07/97.
14-24 Dora Foster McDougall. 1228 1997 MYEA (GM83) Relief Fleet 1997-2006, Barry Dock 2006, Relief Fleet. On station 12/10/97.
14-25 Austin Lidbury. 1233 1998 MAWC (GM87) Ballycotton, Co. Cork, ROI. On station 05/03/98.
14-26 Gough Ritchie II. 1234 1998 2IJS (GM89) Port St. Mary, Isle of Man. On station 21/05/98.
14-27 Robert Hywell Jones Williams. 1239 1999 MDRC4 (GM95) Fenit, Co. Kerry, ROI. On station 28/02/99.
14-28 Sam and Ada Moody. 1240 1999 MHKY (GM97) Achill Island, Co. Mayo, ROI 1999. On station 28/04/99.
14-29 Inner Wheel II. 1245 2000 MHOW (GM102) Relief Fleet 03/06/00. Barry Dock, Vale of Glamorgan. On station  12/09/06.
14-30 Dr. John McSparran. 1246 2000 GQLH (GM104) Larne, Co. Antrim . On station 03/08/00.
14-31 Elizabeth of Glamis. 1252 2001 2PJY (GM111) Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Tayside. On station 14/04/01.
14-32 Corinne Whiteley. 1253 2001 MOBB (GM112) Relief Fleet. On station 09/05/01.
14-33 Roy Barker III. 1258 2001 VSLW9 (GM118) Howth, Co. Dublin. On station 16/03/02.
14-34 Willie and May Gall. 1259 2002 VSWW9 (GM119) Fraserburgh, Grampian. On station 08/05/02.
14-35 John Neville Taylor. 1266 2002 VSWX2 Relief Fleet. On station 19/11/02. To Dunbar, Lothian 08/05/08.
14-36 Saxon. 1267 2003 QDM4 (GM132) Donaghadee, Co Down. On station 17/04/03.
14-37 Betty Huntbatch. 1274 2003 MADK2 (GM134) Relief Fleet. 09/09/03. Hartlepool, Co. Durham. On station 27/09/04.
14-38 Jim Moffat. 1275 2003 MADM5 (GM135) Troon, Ayrshire. On station 25/02/04.

The prototype was first built in 1992 with the type entering service in 1994. Built by Greene Marine at Lymington and fitted out by Souter Marine in Cowes with production ending in 2005. All dates quoted in the year column are the dates that the hulls left Green Marine to be fitted out.

RNLB Earl and Countess Mountbatten of Burma (14-01) at Poole 29/01/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Earl and Countess Mountbatten of Burma (14-01) photographed at Poole 16/03/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Earl and Countess Mountbatten of Burma (14-01) at Poole 11/02/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Esme Anderson (14-02) seen at Ramsgate 28/07/3 (Photo Robert J. Smith)

Seen off Fishguard is the RNLB Blue Peter VII 14-03 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

Roy Barker I (14-04) at its Alderney base on 07/10/08 (Photo by Nigel Lawrence)

RNLB Anna Livia 14-05 seen near Dun Laoghaire (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

Windsor Runner (14-06) from the Relief Fleet pictured in 2006 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

The Windsor Runner (14-06) pictured departing from Poole 11/03/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Frederick Storey Cockburn 14-07 seen off Courtmacsherryy (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

14-08 Douglas Aikman Smith seen off Cromarty in 2005 (Photo Ian Boyle/

RNLB Sir Ronald Pelchell BT, 14-09, before its accident at Dunbar  (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

Samarbeta (14-10) pictured at Great Yarmouth on 04/07/08 (Photo by Tony)

The Barclaycard Crusader (14-11) seen alongside in Eyemouth  23/05/07 (Photo Steve Ellwood)

RNLB Forward Birmingham (14-12) alongside in Poole 29/01/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB George and Ivy Swanson 14-13 pictured at Sheerness (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB George and May Webb 14-14 off Whitby on 17/06/10 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

The Training Fleet's RNLB Henry Heys Duckworth 14-15 departs Poole 13/09/12 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Stanley Watson Barker 14-16 seen at Portree on 15/08/09 (Photo Portree LBS)

RNLBElizabeth and Ronald 14-17 seen on 08/01/13 off Dunmore East (Photo Dunmore East LBS)

The RNLB Maurice and Joyce Hardy 14-18, based at Fowey, pictured on 17/02/02 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

14-19 RNLB Ger  Tigchelaar pictured at Arklow 10/10/12 (Photo B. Clark)

Wick-based RNLB Roy Barker II 14-20 seen off the Scottish Coast (Photo RNLI/Wick LBS)

The Relief Fleet's Macquarie (14-21) seen in the Caledonian Canal  28/09/07 (Photo Martin Briscoe)

Edward Duke of Windsor (14-22) on the Tyne 13/07/08 (Photo Steve Ellwood)

RNLB Mora Edith MacDonald 14-23 pictured at Oban in March 2013 (Photo Turfburner)

The Relief Fleets Dora Foster McDougall (14-24) in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland standing in for the usual Saxon      (14-36) while she was away on maintenance in Co. Waterford (Photo N. Rush)

Seen at Cobh, ROI is the Austin Lidbury (14-25) awaiting the departure of the QE2 on 02/10/08 (Photo Patrick Kenealy)

The Port St. Mary-based RNLB Go Ritchie II14-26 pictured on 24/05/12 (Photo Kevin Cleaver)

Robert Hywell Jones Williams (14-27) alongside in Fenit 01/07/06 (Photo Gary Faux)

RNLB Sam and Ada Moody 14-28 at Achill on 09/01/09 (Photo Seth)

Inner Wheel II (14-29) off of Barry (Author and location unknown)

RNLB Dr. John McSparran 14-30 seen at Larne on 05/02/12 (Photo by, let me know please)

Elizabeth of Glamis (14-31) at Broughty Ferry (Dundee) in September 2008 (Photo GM Photos)

RNLB Corrine Whitely 14-32 of the Relief Fleetat Hartlepool in 2006 (Photo Dave Graham)

The Howth-based RNLB Roy Barker II 14-33 photographed 15/06/11 (Photo Roy Cott)

Willie and May Gall (14-34) at Fraserborough on 28/07/08 (Photo Steve Ellwood)

John Neville Taylor (14-35) seen off of Dunbar (Photo by Martin Briscoe)

The RNLB Saxon 14-36 pictured off Donaghadee (Photo by Kelpie)

Betty Huntbatch (14-37) seen on the River Tees 09/12/07 (Photo by Tony)

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