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Tyne-class 47-Foot

(Fast Slipway Boat 1  - FSB1)

The Relief Fleet's 47-007 City of Edinburgh photographed at Calshot 23/10/07. The boat has since been sold to Uruguay(Photo Gay Faux)

Dimensions 14.3m x 4.48m x 1.3m Speed 17.6-kts
Displacement 26-tonnes Range 240-nm
Construction Steel hull with aluminium superstructure Endurance ?
Engines 2 X V6 Diesels Crew 6 + 1 doctor.

First entered service in 1982 being built by FBM Marine at Cowes on the Isle of Wight with production ending in 1990, normally carry a 2.5-metre, 2-crew X-class inflatable dinghy. Being gradually replaced by the new Tamar-class FSB's.

Tyne-class Fleet Details

No. Name O/N Year C/Sign Base
47-001 City of London. 1074 1982 ???? Selsey 1983-2006. Sold to China  as Huaying 388, shipped 11/07/07, based Xiamen (Amoy).
47-002 Sam and Joan Woods. 1075 1984 ???? Relief Fleet 1984-93, Walton and Frinton 1993-96, Relief Fleet 1996-2006. Sold to China as Huaying 389, shipped 11/07/07, based Ningbo.
47-003 James Burrough. 1094 1984 MCUT7 Padstow, Cornwall 1984 and replaced in 2006 by the Tamar-class 16-04, to Relief Fleet. Sold to China as Huaying 387, shipped 08/08/07, based Yantai.
47-004 St. Cybi II (Civil Service No. 40). 1095 1985 ???? Holyhead 1985-97, Relief Fleet 1997-2007. Sold to China as Huaying 386, shipped 08/08/07, based at Rongcheng.
47-005 Ethel Anne Measures. 1096 1985 MCUU7 The Mumbles, Swansea 1985-2006, Relief Fleet 2006-07. Sold to China as Huaying 385 Shipped November 2007.
47-006 Ruby and Arthur Reed II 1097 1985 GDVQ Cromer, Norfolk 1985-96, Relief Fleet 1996-99, Cromer 1999-2007, Relief Fleet 2007-08. Sold to China 2008 as Huaying 382, based at Haikou.
47-007 City of Edinburgh. 1109 1985 ???? Fraserburgh 1985-2002, Relief Fleet 2002-08. Sold to Uruguay SA, finally being delivered in late 2010 as ADES 19, based at Purto del Colonia as Centenario.
47-008 Phil Mead. 1110 1986 GFSQ Teesmouth 1986-2006, Relief Fleet 2006-08. Sold to China SAR as Huaying 384, based at Shenzhen August 2008.
47-009 William Luckin. 1111 1986 VQQZ4 Arranmore 1986-2000, Lough Swilly, ROI 2001-07. Sold to China SAR as Huaying 383 based at Guangzhou August 2008.
47-010 RFA Sir Galahad. 1112 1986 GFDR Tenby, Pembrokeshire from 06/09/86 replaced by Tamar-class 16-02 in 2006. To Relief Fleet 2006. To Angle, Pembrokeshire in February 2008 and replaced in early 2009 by Tamar-class 16-11. To Relief Fleet 23/03/09.  Sold to Private buyer 2010 in Port Penrhyn, Bangor.
47-011 The Lady Rank. 1114 1987 VQRI7 Angle, Pembrokeshire from 1987, last launch 26/02/08. To Relief Fleet 2008, withdrawn by 05/08 and later sold as ADES 20/Bicentinery and based at Puerto del Bucio, Montivideo.
47-012 Good Shepherd. 1115 1987 ???? Relief Fleet 1988-2000, Lough Swilly 2000-01, Relief Fleet 2001-2011. William Osborne Yard No. 2090, Sold to Inverness Harbour Trust 2011 asCanarc.
47-013 Robert and Violet. 1116 1987 GJJG Moelfre, Anglesey 1988. To Lough Swilly 26/05/13. To Relief 23/04/15.Name and numbers removed by 02/07/15 as . Sold to Sri Lanka 07/2015 as Puffin XII.
47-014 James Bibby. 1117 1987 GFSR Barrow, Cumbria 1986, replaced by Tamar-class 16-08 in 2008, to Relief Fleet 2008, sold 2011to MF Shipping as Pioneer. For sale 05/2018.
47-015 Hetty Rampton. 1120 1987 GGGA Porthdinllaen, Gwynedd 1987-, to Relief Fleet 24/10/12. Sold Montrose Harbour Trust as Inchburn in Feb 2016 at Invergordon.
47-016 Norman Salvesen. 1121 1988 MWOH Wick 1988-1997, Sennen Cove, Cornwall 1988, to be replaced by Tamar-class 16-14, to Relief Fleet 06/10/09. Sold in June 2014 and based at Pwllheli Moved to Conwy Marina..
47-017 Owen and Anne Aisher. 1122 1988 ???? Relief Fleet 1988.Sold 2012To  Private buyer 2013. To Ridge Wharf by 14/03/13. Sold to Richardson Foundation for the MVS as V-104/Prince George at HMS President in mid 2013. For sale late 2016 and at Gillingham Maarina in 04/2016. To Inverness Harbour trust by 2018 as reserve Pilot vessel/Spares.
47-018 Max Aitken III. 1126 1987 GGJT Bembridge, IOW 1987. Taken out of service 05/02/09 to Poole, to Relief Fleet, sold to private buyer 2012. To Ridge Wharf by 14/03/13. To Poole in 2013. Sold in 06/2014. To Porchester, Hants. To Goodchilds Marine 2015 at Burgh Castle, Norfolk.  Sold to Independant Jersey Association 04/2018 Named Sir Max Aitkin III..
47-019 Babs and Agnes Robertson. 1127 1988 GIIA Peterhead, Grampian 1988-2006, replaced in March 2006 by Tamar-class 16-03. To Mumbles 2006. To Portishead 10/02/14. To Cobbs Quay by 03/2014. Sold as FVC1 Fast Vessel Services, Stromness. To Portishead 2017.
47-020 Spirit of Lowestoft. 1132 1987 GJFL Lowestoft, Suffolk 1987.To Relief 02/10/14.
47-021 The Famous Grouse. 1133 1987 GIAD Relief Fleet 1987-2004, Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford, ROI 07/04/04. Relief 27/10/10. Sold 2012 and to Ridge Wharf by 14/03/13. Returned to poole and sold to The Canadian Lifeboat Institution 05/2013 as Fraser Lifeboat 1A-04.
47-022 Baltic Exchange II. 1130 1988 GIAC Salcombe, Devon from 1988. Replaced in 2009 by Tamar-class 16-09, to Relief Fleet, sold to Seychelles Coast Guard as Fortune 2010.
47-023 City of Sheffield. 1131 1988 MAQV6 Fitted out by Souters? Whitby 1988-1996, Relief Fleet 1996-1997, Hartlepool, Co. Durham 1997-2000. Off Station in 2000. To Poole, Dorset 2001 To Relief 13/11/16. To Sheffield Emergencies Services Museum 16/06/17.
47-024 Hilda Jarrett. 1137 1988 GJJP d Emergencies MuseumBaltimore, Co. Cork, ROI 1988-, to Relief Fleet 09/03/12. Sold early 2015. Left Poole by road. Sold 06/2014 as Northesk with Inverness Harbour Trus
47-025 Lord Saltoun. 1138 1988 ???? Longhope, Orkney 1988-99, Relief Fleet 1999. Sold to D. Ferran and Sons, Belfast in 10/12 as Norma G. Out of wate r at Carrickfergus by 2017.
47-026 Garside. 1139 1988 GHLV St. Da's, Pembrokeshire 1988. To St. Davids No. 2 19/04/13. To Poole 21/10/16. All titles/name removed by 12/10/17 Painted grey by 10/04/18. Left for Poole 15/06/18 for A & P Falmouth as work boat named Triton.
47-027 George Gibson. 1140 1988 GJGX Appledore, Devon 1988, to Relief Fleet    28/03/11, WFU 11/11. Sold 2012. To Ridge Wharf by 14/03/13. To Poole 28/03/13 Sold to Specialist Group International 05/2013. To (The) John Faulding and to Hinckly Point as construction safety boat 2014.
47-028 Sir John Fisher. 1141 1989 MJPW8 Relief Fleet1989-1992, Workington, Cumbria1992. To Relief 05/05/17. At cobbs' Quay 09/09/17 painted grey.
47-029 Mariners Friend. 1142 1989 ???? Relief Fleet 1989-2007, Lough Swilly 2007. To Relief 12/10/12. Sold June 2014 as SuibhuirGiomach and based at Loch Schribain.
47-030 David Robinson. 1145 1988 MJCF6 The Lizard, Cornwall (delivered August 1988) to be replaced by Tamar-class 1620,. to Relief Fleet 23/07/11. All marks removed by 16/11/16. Sold by 25/11/16.  Painted grey and at ALC 12/01/17. Sold by 18/01/17. Left poole 20/03/17. To Conwy.  reported to be sold to Togo as crew boat, rear cabin removed.
47-031 Voluntary Worker. 1146 1988 ???? Relief Fleet 1988, Lytham St Annes 1988-90, Relief Fleet 1990-2006, Selsey, West Sussex 2006. To Reluief Fleet 24/06/17. Did not leave station until12/2017. To Liverpool 29/01/08. For museum at Lytham St. Annes.
47-032 Sir William Hillary. 1147 1988 MJKE5 Douglas, Isle of Man 25/11/88. Finally retired 02/08/18. To Conwy 17/08/18. Earmaarked for display. Left Conwy for Poole 27/09/18.
47-033 Mary Irene Millar. 1151 1989 MJZC8 Portpatrick, Dumfries and Galloway 1989, to be replaced by Tamar-class 16-21, to Relief Fleet13/11/12. To Relief standby Portishead 2012.Sold to Portishead Dec 2013.
47-034 Moonbeam 1152 1989 MKRQ6 Montrose, Tayside 1989. To Relief 02/09/15 Sold /11/16 to Private ownership at Portishead 11/2016.
7-035 Annie Baker. 1153 1989 MAQQ4 Wicklow, Co. Wicklow, ROI 1989-date.
47-036 Kenneth Thelwall II 1154 1989 MOPE Ramsgate 1990-1994, Walton and Frinton, Essex 1996, to Relief Fleet10/04/11. Sold late 2011.  To Ocean Lad at Bere Island Ferries as pilot boat To Dingwall Harbour..
47-037 Sarah Emily Harrop. 1155 1989 ???? Lytham St. Annes 1990-98, Relief Fleet 1998-2007, Calshot, Hampshire 2007-, WFU 05/11/10, sold to Bere Island Ferries as Ocean Lass in Oct 2010.
47-038 William Street. 1156 1989 MKSD9 Fleetwood, Lancs 1989, to Relief 30/08/16. .  To Seafari  Adventures at Skye. Left poole by road on  08/12/16. Sold to Seafaris Adventures at Skey as Amelia.
47-039 Alexander Coutanache. 1157 19989 MLLM4 St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands 1989, to be replaced by Tamar-clas 16-12, to Relief Fleet 14/06/09, to Calshot 21/01/10. To Relief 29/07/12. To Lough Swilly 12/10/12. To Relief 26/05/13. Marks removed by 27/12/14. Sold in Ire;land as Ocean Warrior at Sligo. for sale at Killybeggs in 2018.
47-040 Hermione Lady Colwyn. 1158 1990 MLLK8 Shoreham, West Sussex 1990, to be replaced by Tamar-class 16--15, withdrawn24/04/10,. Sold Private sale as Odin at Lymington. Moved to East Cowes  2013.

RNLB City of London 47-001 seen off Selsey (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

The second production Tyne 47-002 Sam and Joan Woods photographed in May 2005 at Peterhead (Photo Aubrey Dale

RNLB James Burrough 47-003 pictured off the Padstow coast (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB St. Cybi II CS No 40 47-004 seen while the Relief Fleet (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Ethel Anne Measures 47-005 seen off The Mumbles on 15/06/06 (Photo The Mumbles LBS)

RNLB Ruby and Arthur Reid 47-006 on exercise off Cromer 30/07/06 (Photo Cromer LBS)

 RNLB Ruby and Arthur Reed II pictured at Poole in September 2007 )Sorry author unknown)

RNLB City of Edinburgh 47-007 at Calshot on 23/11/07 (Photo Gary F)

RNLB 47-007 City of Edinburgh seen at Poole 29/01/09 after being sold to Uruaguay, it was finally delivered ayear later (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Phil Mead seen on its last launch at Teesmouth on 29/04/06 (Photo Galley Boy)

The Arranmore-based RNLB William Luckin 47-009 seen in 1999 (Photo Arranmore LBS)

The RFA Sir Galahad 47-010 pictured on exercise off Tenby on 08/07/06 (Photo Tenby LBS)

RNLB The Lady Rank (47-011), ex-Angle LBS, seen at Poole 16/12/10 (Photo N. Rush)

The Relief Fleets Good Shepherd (47-012) seen at Lowestoft in 2003 (Photo by Robert J. Smith)

RNLB Good Shepherd (47-012) pictured at Poole on 29/01/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Robert and Violet 47-013 (Photo RNLI)

The ex-RNLB Robert and Violet 47-013 Pictured with the SLLI 23/07/16  as Puffin XII (Photo Bryan Hughes)

The James Bibby (47-014) Seen at Calshot in March 2008 after being replaced at Barrow by one of the new Tamar-class boats (Photo by Kelvin Davies)

 RNLB James Bibby (47-014) seen entering Poole Harbour on 21/01/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Hetty Rampton (47-015) in action (Photo Courtesy Porthdinllaen LBS)

RNLB Hettie Rampton 47-015 pictured at Poole  on 23/04/15 (Photo N. Rush)

Sennen Cove's Norman Salvesen (47-016) pictured on 29/01/09 (Photo RNLI/Tim Stevens)

The Relief Fleet's RNLB Owen and Anne Aisher (47-017) at Poole 14/02/09 (Photo N. Rush)

Ex-Owen and Anne Aisher seen at Gravesend on 08/09/13 as MVS V-104 Prince George (Photo John Jones)

The recently retired, ex-Bembridge based, Max Aitken III at Poole 11/02/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Babs and Agnes Robertson 47-019 pictured on 30/05/05 (Photo The Mumbles LBS)

The ex-47-019 Babs and Agnes Robertson at Stromness on  26/08/14 as FVC1 (Photo Tommy  Kirkpatrick)

RNLB Spirit of Lowestoft 47-020 on exercise (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

The Famous Grouse 47-021 pictured at Poole LMC on 17/02/11 (Photo N. Rush)

Seen on relief duties at Poole on 01/10/10 is the 47-022 Baltic Exchange II, it was sold to The Seychelles Coast Guard in 2011 (Photo N. Rush)

City of Sheffield (47-023) seen alongside at Poole 13/01/09 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB City of Sheffield 47-023 seen at the Alc on 06/05/17 (Photo N. Rush)

The ex-Baltimore 47-024 Hilda Jarret seen at Poole LMC on 07/06/12 (Photo N. Rush)

The ex-Longhope Tyne Lord Saltoun 47-025 pictured at Poole on  26/04/12 (Photo N. Rush)

The ex-47-025 seen at Belfast after sale to D. Ferran and Sons as Norma G (Photo by Kelpie)

47-026 Garside   pictured off St. David's (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Garside 47-026 seen after its withdrawl from St. Davids, takem on 27/12/16 (Photo Dave James)

RNLB George Gibson 47-027  on Relief Duties at Poole 05/05/11 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Sir John Fisher 47-028 at Workington (Photo Courtesy Workington LBS)

RNLB Sir John Fisher 47-028 at the ALC on 06/05/17 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Mariners Friend 47-029  seen off Lough Swilly (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Mariners Friend 47-029 seen at Cobbs' Quay on 21/02/13 (Photo N. Rush)

Pictured a bit off the beaten track at Great Yarmouth on 07/03/09 is RNLB David Robinson (47-030) normally seen at The Lizard (Photo Paul Gowan)

47-031 Voluntary Worker, normally Selsey based, seen leaving Poole 21/01/11 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Sir William Hillary 47-032 pictured at its Ramsay base (Photo Ramsay LBS)

The ex-Portpatrick 47-033 Mary Irene Miller at Poole 24/05/11 (Photo N. Rush)

The Montrose-based RNLB Moonbeam 47-034 pictured on 01/06/04 (Photo Montrose LBS)

The ex-Montrose RNLB Moonbean 47-034 at the ALC on 04/01/16 )Photo N. Rush)

47-035 RNLB Annie Baker seen at Wicklow (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Kenneth Thelwell  47-036 seen off Walton & Frinton (Photo Walton & Frinton LBS)

The ex-RNLB Kenneth Thelwell seen at Poole after being withdrawn 29/01/11 (Photo N. Rush)

Sarah Emily Harrop (47-037) at Portsmouth 29/06/07 (Photo Chris Hunch)

The Fleetwood-based RNLB William Street 47-038 pictured on 11/10/13 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB William Street 47-038 seen at the Fleetwood open-day in 2008 (Photo Fleetwood LBS)

RNLB William Street 47-038 seen at the ALC on 20/09/16 (Photo N. Rush)

Pictured at Calshot is 47-039 Alexander Coutanche on 25/05/11 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Hermione Lady Colwyn 47-040 at Shoreham 21/06/06 (Photo Courtesy Shoreham LBS)

RNLB  Hermione Lady Colwyn 47-040 at Shoreham (Photo Shoreham LBS)


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