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D/IB1-class Production List (Up to D-599) For D-600 onwards Click Here.


For D-700 Production Click Here


Specifications: (Ib1 spec)
Length 4.9-metres (4.9-metres). Speed 20-kts (25-kts).
Weight 436-kg (338-kg). Range -
Construction Hypalon-coated Polyester. Endurance 3-hours (3).
Engines Mariner 40-hp Outboard (50-hp outboard). Crew 2/3 (3/4).

WFU=Withdrawn From Use.

(When the useful life of the boats is reached many are transferred to the Flood Relief Fleet or taken overseas on training deployments and are usually left with the country concerned as it is uneconomical to bring the boats back.)

B-112 Blue peter III on display at RNLI Museum Chatham (Photo RNLI Museum)

D-115 rNLB Blue Peeter I at Littlehampton in  1967 (Photo Littlehampton LBS)

No. Name. Base/Comments.
D-362 Kensington Rescuer. Training boat.
D-376   North Wales 2019. Mold
D-367 Sea Horse. Training boat.
D-373 The Lion (Avon) Now at Llanelli  in 05/2019. Mold by 09/04/1 Sold in Scotland 20/05/19.
D-374 Unamed

Sold to ICE-SAR and based in Hafnarfjrur.

D-389 Captain Colin. Training boat.
D-391 Lifeline. ILC Capsize training.
D-392 Cecile Rampton. Training boat.
D-401 Bank Staff Appeal IV. WFU.
D-402 Warwick WFU. For sale in Tynemouth 04/2019.
D-403 ? WFU.
D-404 ? WFU.
D-405 ? WFU.
D-406 Phyl Clare. WFU.
D-407 ? WFU.
D-408 City of Derby. WFU.
D-409 Taipan Relief Fleet 1990 - 2000. Now at Pembrokeshire as at 02/2018.
D-410 Bacchus. WFU.
D-411 Unnamed? WFU.
D-412 BP Service. WFU.
D-413 Billy Mills and George Ralph. WFU.
D-414 Fairlands Lady. WFU.
D-415 Pride of West Kingsdown. WFU.
D-416 Unnamed? WFU.
D-417 Douglas Hurndall. WFU.
D-418 ? WFU.
D-419 Sarah Helena. WFU.
D-420 Leslie D. WFU.
D-421 Lord Raglan. WFU.
D-422 Alec Dykes. WFU.
D-423 John Edmunds. WFU.
D-424 City of Chester. WFU.At New QQuay, Cardiganshire in 2019.
D-425 Strickson. WFU.
26 Lord Feoffees II. WFU.
D-427 Storres. WFU.
D-428 St Vincent Amazon. WFU.
D-429 RJM. WFU.
D-430 Rotherham Grammar School. WFU.
D-431 Veronica. WFU.
D-432 Ordnance Survey Bosun. WFU. At Silloth 2019.
D-433 Marjorie. WFU.
D-434 John Wesley Hillard. WFU.
D-435 Table 32. WFU. At
D-436 Chloe WFU.
D-437 Jill Gatti. WFU.
D-438 Arthur & Georgina Stanley Taylor. WFU.
D-439 Phyllis Mary. WFU.
D-440 Brenda Reed. WFU.
D-441 Irish Diver. WFU.
D-442 Edgar Law. WFU.
D-443 Modeller II. WFU.
D-444 Sharpe's Classic All Seasons. WFU.
D-445 AXA Life Inshorer. WFU.
D-446 Holme Team. WFU. RNLI Capsize Trainer Poole.
D-447 Thomas Campbell. WFU.
D-448 Sea Ranger. WFU.
D-449 Humphry & Nora Tollemache II. WFU.
D-450 Anthony. WFU. RNLI Capsize Trainer Poole.
D-451 Jeanne Frances. WFU.
D-452 Blue Peter III. WFU.
D-453 Blue Peter IV. WFU.
D-454 Blue Peter VI. WFU.
D-455 Spirit Of Kintyre. WFU.
D-456 Jonathan Simpson. WFU.
D-457 Elsie Frances 1. WFU.
D-458 Maureen Samuels. WFU.
D-459 Margaret & Fiona Wood. WFU.
D-460 Leicester Fox. WFU.
D-461 Spirit of RAOC. Relief Fleet.
D-462 Frances. Relief Fleet.
D-463 Nellie Grace Hughes. WFU.
D-464 Wren. WFU.
D-465 Palmer Bayer. WFU.
D-466 Phyllis Mary II. WFU.
D-467 Kathleen Scadden. WFU.
D-468 Colin Martin. WFU.
D-469 Winifred and Cyril Thorpe. Relief Fleet.
D-470 Landlubber. WFU.
D-471 Coachmakers Of London. WFU.
D-472 Kip & Kath. WFU.
D-473 Thomas Jefferson. WFU.
D-474 G C H Fox. WFU.
D-475 Phyl Clare 2. WFU.
D-476 Corydd. WFU.
D-477 Pride of Nuneaton and Bedworth. WFU.
D-478 Aldergrove. WF For sale in Andover, Hants 2019.
D-479 May. WFU.
D-480 The Craft Club. WFU.
D-481 Holme Team III. WFU.
D-482 Arthur Bate. WFU.
D-483 C. John Morris DFM. WFU.
D-484 Sybil. WFU.
D-485 Stafford with Rugeley. WFU. 04/07/16.
D-486 Eleanor and Catherine. WFU.  South Broads. To Relief. To Thames Lifeboat Trust 2016. To Lagan SAR 2017 as Freda Moira Rush
D-487 Forresters London Pride. WFU.
D-488 Mabel. WFU.
D-489 Dolly Holloway. WFU.
D-490 Spirit of the ACC WFU.
D-491 Cetrek. WFU.
D-492 Lawnflite. WFU.
D-493 Isabella Mary. WFU.
D-494 Sunrise. WFU
D-495 Elsie Francis II. WFU
D-496 Leonard Stedman. WFU
D-497 Lord Daresbury. WFU
D-498 Fred Croker. WFU
D-499 Jean and Paul. WFU
D-500 Unnamed WFU .
D-501 Forest Row Choir. WFU
D-502 Inis-Eoghain. WFU
D-503 Criddy and Tom. WFU
D-504 Spirit of the RPC. WFU
D-505 Arthur Bygraves. Relief Fleet/Training boat.
D-506 Patrick Rex Moren. WFU
D-507 Spirit of Bedworth and Nuneaton. Training boat, ex-Ballyglass. At New Quay, Wales 2019.
D-508 John Saunderson. WFU.
D-509 John Kennedy. WFU.
D-510 Marjorie Helen. WFU.
D-511 Margaret. Relief Fleet.
D-512 Jane Ann II. WFU.
D-513 Seahorse I. Relief Fleet.
D-514 Lord Kitchener. South Broads, Oulton Broad, Suffolk Replaced in 2010. At Red Seal Rescue in 2019.
D-515 Spirit of the RCT. WFU. To  FR-10. Sold out of service 2015.  First all orange production boat.
D-516 Spirit of the Exe. Relief Fleet.
D-517 Spirit of the PCS RE. Port Isaac, Cornwall. Wrecked at Bossiney, near Taintagel 06/09/98.
D-518 Inbhear Deas. ILC Cowes/Relief Fleet. To FR-14.
D-519 Ernest and Rose Chapman. WFU.
D-520 Bob Savage. WFU. To fR-05.
D-521 OEM Stone II. Whitby 1997-2007. Relief 15/05/07  FR-01 10-16. To N. Wales for sale 2019.
D-522 City of Chester II

Pwllheli 1997-2007. Relief 2007-08. Skegness 2008-09. Publicity 2009.

D-523 Peterborough Beer Festival I. Redcar 1997-2007. Relief 2007-08. Dart 2008. Relief 2008-09. Fenit 2009-10. Publicity 2010.
D-524 Pilgrim. Barmouth, Gwynedd  1997-2007, Relief 2007-09. To ??
D-525 Holme Team IV. Clifden, Co. Galway, ROI 1998-2007. Relief 2008. To ??
D-526 Olive Herbert. Fowey, Cornwall 1997-2007. Relief 2007-09. To FR-11.
D-527 Ethel Royal. Southend-on-Sea, Essex 1997-2007. Relief 2007-09. Training 2009. To ??
D-528 Arthur Harris. Fethard 1998-2007. Relief 2007-08. Trainin 2009. To ??FR-16 2009.
D-529 Martin, John and Ann. North Sunderland (Seahouses) 1997-2008 Relief 2009. Training 2010. To ??
D-530 Mary Joan Harris. Howth, Co. Dublin, ROI 19982006. Relief 2006-08. To ??
D-531 Walter Grove. Horten and Port Eynon, Swansea 1998-08. To ??
D-532 Kingsand   Moelfre Anglesey 1998. To Relief 2009. To Dun Laoghaire 2009. To Boarding Boat 2010 at Moelfre. To Solent Rescue as SR-02. Current 02/2020.
D-533 Peter Cornish. Selsey, West Sussex 1998-2008. To ??
D-534 Severn Rescuer. Penarth 1998-2008. To ??
D-535 The Cromer Smuggler. Tynemouth 1998-2008. To Relief 2008. To Aberystwyth 2009. Training 2009. To ??
D-536 Margaret II. Aberdeen 1998-2008. Relief 2008-2010. To Boarding Boat 2010.
D-537 Faith. Weston-super-Mare 1998-2008. Relief 2008. Training 2009-2010. To ??
D-538 Tom Broom. Stranraer 1998-2008. Relief 2009. Skegness 2009-2010. To Still around 03/2019 at Banna Rescue, Co. Kerry, ROI.
D-539 Hartlepool Dynamo. Broughty Ferry, Tayside 1998-2008. To ??
D-540 Cecille Rampton II Hastings, East Sussex 1998-2008.Relief 2008-09. Training 2009-10.
D-541 Brian and Margaret Wiggins. Withernsea, Humberside 1999-2009. To FR-17 2009, still 2014.
D-542 AB-One. Craster, Northumberland 1999-2008. To Relief 2009.  To FR-12
D-543 Dewi Sant (Saint David). St. Davids 1998-2008. Relief 2008-09. To ??
D-544 The Hastings. Dunbar, East Lothian 1999-09. To ??
D-545 Tigger Too. Margate, Kent 1998-2008. To Relief 2008-1
D-546 Spirit of the PCS RE II. Port Isaac, Cornwall 1999-2009. Relief 23/11/09. To ??
D-547 Society of Societies. Cardigan, Ceredigion 1999-09. Relief 28/01/09. To BB-547.
D-548 Star of the Sea Courtown, Co. Wexford, ROI. 1999-09. Relief 20/08/09. To ??
D-549 George and Christine. Minehead, Somerset 1999-09. Relief 09/07/09. To ??
D-550 Gwenllian. Port Talbot, West Glamorgan.. 1999-09. Relief 17/03/09. Publicity 2010.
D-551 Spirit of Alderney. Alderney, CI 1999-2009. Relief  08/01/09. Training 2009-10.
D-552 Global Marine. Marazion, Cornwall 2000. Relief 2000-03. Anstruther, Fife 2003-04. Relief 2004-05. Burnham-on-Sea 2005-06 Relief2006-07. . Training 2007-09. To ??-.
D-553 David Whitehead. Kippford, Dumfries and Galloway. On station 06/07/01. To Relief 10/11/09. To BB-???
D-554 Heyland III. Portsmouth, Hampshire 2000-09. To Relief/Training 06/08/09. To ??
D-555 Deborah Brown. Ilfracombe, North Devon. 2000-09. To Relief 26/08/09.
D-556 Saddleworth. Fleetwood, Lancs 2000-09. Relief 05/11/09. Boarding Boat 2010.
D-557 Lord Feoffees III. Bridlington, East Yorkshire 2000-09.  Training 14/09/09. To ??
D-558 William and Rose Nall. Blackpool, Lancs. 2000-10. Boarding Boat 01/04/10.
D-559 Seahorse II. Clacton-on-Sea, Essex 2000-09. Relief 25/06/09. To ??
D-560 John Wesley Hillard II Scarborough, North Yorks 2001-09. Relief 02/12/09. To ??
D-561 Cursitor Street. Fenit, Co. Kerry, ROI. On station 11/03/01.
D-562 Georgina Stanley Taylor. Tenby, Pembrokeshire 2001-09. Relief 08/12/09. To ??
D-563 Rotary District 1120. Filey, North Yorkshire. On station 07/03/01. Training 2008. To ??
D-564 Peter Bond. Morecombe, Lancs. On station 30/05/01. Relief 19/11/09. To ??
D-565 Tony Heard. Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, ROI. On station 02/07/01. Relief 30/10/09. To ??
D-566 Norah Cadman. Blackpool, Lancs. On station 17/07/01. Relief 01/04/10. To ??
D-567 Spirit of Tamworth. Barrow, Cumbria. On station 14/08/01. Relief 14/0910 To duddon Inshore Rescue. To Tynemouth Rowing Club 2016.
D-568 Seahorse III. Cromer, Norfolk. On station 20/06/01. Relief 17/07/10.
D-569 Rosemary Palmer. Amble, Northumberland 2001. Relief 23/07/10. To ??
D-570 Joan and Ted Wiseman 50 to Roger B. Harbour. Eastbourne 2001-2002. Relief 2002-03. North Berwick 2003-04. Relief 2004. Ballyglass 2004-06. Relief 2006-07. Weston-super-Mare 2007. Relief 2007-08. Filey 2008-10. Relief 25/10/10. To ??
D-571 Three Brothers. Campbeltown, Argyll. To Relief 05/08/10. To ??.
D-572 Ken and Mary. Port Rush, Co Antrim. On station 21/02/02. To Relief 09/09/10. To ??
D-573 Leicester Fox II. Skegness, Lincolnshire. On station 20/02/02. To Relief
D-574 Regina Mary. Looe, Cornwall On station . 05/03/02. To Relief 15/11/10.
D-575 Hounslow. Port St. Mary, Isle of Man  On station 10/04/02. To  Relief 19/10/10. To  ?? BB-575 at Porthdinllaen.
D-576 Spirit of the Thames. Teddington, Middlesex. On station 24/06/02. To Relief 09/12/10. To FR-05/Foresters Renaissance by 08/2015.

IB1-class Production List (D-600 onwards)


The first of the D-500's D-500 on seen North Wales in 06/2019 (Photo Harry Gotcha)

D-698 The Sheila Barrie seen at Broughty Ferry, Dundee 02/08/08 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

No. Name. Base/Comments.
D-600 Metcap (First IB1). Trials 2001-02, Training Fleet 2002. To D-600C by 07/12.
D-601 Jenny Topham. Trials 2002-03, Relief Fleet 2003. to D-601C Training 2013.
D-602 Gilbert Goble. Trials 2002-04, Relief Fleet 2004-date.
D-603 Forever Forward Denise. Trials 2002-04, Relief Fleet 2004. To D-603C by 09/12.
D-604 Marie Turner. Trials 2002-04, Relief FleetTo disposal 2014.
D-605 Joan and Ted Wiseman 50. Eastbourne, East Sussex 2003-date, first IB1 delivery. To Relief 08/09/11. to D-605C 2011.
D-606 Jennie B. Blyth, Northumberland.On station 25/11/03. To Relief  30/01/12. To ??
D-607 Spirit of Berkhamsted. Happisburgh, Norfolk. On station 21/09/03. To ILC  and recycled 19/09/17.
D-608 Helen and Ian Tytler. Sunderland. Tyne & Wear. On station 24/11/03. To Relief 08/11/11. To . To sSC as D-608C 2011.
D-609 248 Squadron RAF. Calshot, Hampshire. On station 17/12/03. To Relief 11/11/11. ToD-609C.
D-610 Catterick. Relief Fleet. On station 06/01/04. To D-610C.
D-611 The Young Watsons. Burry Port, Carmarthenshire . On station 17/09/03 To SSC as D-611C 2012..
D-612 Dave and Trevor Jones. West Kirby, Merseyside. On station 09/12/03. To  Relief 19/06/12. To iLC AND Recycled as D-751.
D-613 Jack Cleare. Swanage, Dorset. On station 27/08/03. To Relief 12/07/12. To ILC and recycled as D-752.
D-614 Flo and Dick Smith. Trearddur Bay, Anglesey. On station 16/01/04. To Relief 15/08/12.To ILC and recycled as D-753.
D-615 CSMA/Frizzells 80th Anniversary Relief Fleet. On station 01/03/04. To SSC AS capsize training and then to ILC and recycled as d-755.
D-616 Amy Lea. New Quay, Cardiganshire. On station 07/02/04. To Relief 12/09/12.To ILC and recycled as D-754.
D-617 Henry Philip. Bude, Cornwall. On station 11/05/04. To Relief 19/12/12. To iLC and recycled as D-756.
D-618 Blue Peter VI. Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire. On station 14/07/04. To Relief 12/12/12.To ILC and recycled as D-757.
D-619 Blue Peter III North Berwick, Lothian. On station 14/07/04.To Relief 30/05/13. to ILC  and recycled as D-758.
D-620 Edna May Relief Fleet. On station 01/04/04. To D-620C 2012.
D-621 Duncan Ferguson. Arbroath, Angus. On station  02/08/04.To Relief 20/06/13 to ilC and recycled as d-759.
D-622 May II. Borth, Cardiganshire. On station 13/05/04. To Relief 16/07/13. To iLC and recycled as D-760.
D-623 Peterborough Beer Festival II. The Mumbles, Swansea, Glamorgan,. On station 15/07/04. To Relief 18/09/13. To ILC and recycled as D-761.
D-624 Spirit of the RLC. Sennen Cove, Cornwall. On station 22/07/04 To Relief 28/11/13. To ILC and recycled as D-763.
D-625 John Charles Raybould. Relief Fleet. O as D-762.n station 13/07/04. TO LMC AS Capsize trainer. To ILC and recycled
D-626 David Leslie Wilson. Montrose, Tayside. On station 12/08/04. To Relief 09/01/14. to iLC and recycled as D-764.
D-627 Arthur Bate II. Conwy, Conwy. On station 18/08/04. To Relief  28/03/14 and scrapped To ILC and recycled as D-765.
D-628 Austin Burnett. Little and Broadhaven, Pembrokshire. On station 05/08/04. To Relief 23/03/14 and scrapped. To iILC and recycled as D-766.
D-629 The Shannock. Workington, Cumbria. On station 12/08/04 To Relief 20/05/14. Scrapped. To ILC and recycled as D-767.
D-630 Langley Muir. Relief Fleet. On station 15/12/04. To ILC and  recycled as D-768.
D-631 Spirit of Juniper. Littlehampton, West Sussex. On station 10/04. To Relief 10/07/14. To ILC and recycled as D-769.
D-632 Godfrey and Desmond Nall. Rhyl, Denbighshire. On station 21/10/04. To Relief  19/03/14. to ILC and recycled as D-770.
D-633 Pride of London Foresters. Southend-on-Sea, Essex. On station 27/01/05. To Relief 23/09/14. To ILC and recycled as D771.
D-634 Rusper. Rock, Cornwall. On station 01/02/05. To Relief 06/10/14. to ILC and recycled as D-772.
D-635 Semper Paratus. Relief Fleet. On station 26/08/04. To Sea Training  2014. To D-635C.
D-636 Valerie Wilson. Newquay, Cornwall. On station 17/02/05. To Relief 05/11/14. To ILC and recycled as D-773.
D-637 Aldergrove II. Newcastle, Co. Down. On station 10/03/05. To Relief 03/12/14. To ILC and recycled as D-775.
D-638 Richard John Talbot Miller. Angle, Pembrokeshire. On station 29/06/05.To Relief 13/01/15. To ILC and  to Boarding Boat at Barry Dock 2014 as BB-638.
D-639 Howard and Mary Broadfield. Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland. On station 18/07/05. 2005- To Relief 28/01/15. To ILC and and recycled as  D-777.
D-640 Mabel Davies. Relief Fleet. On station 14/06/0.5. To D-640C still around 09/2018.
D-641 Blue Peter IV. St. Agnes, Cornwall. On station 01/03/05. To Relief 23/10/15. To ILC and recycled.
D-642 Amanda, James and Ben. Hayling Island, Hampshire. On station 24/05/05. To Relief 01/04/15. To ILC andd  recycled.
D-643 Tra Mhor. Tramore, Co. Wexford, ROI. On station 30/06/05. To Relief 28/05/15. To ILC and recycled.
D-644 Philip Booth. Wexford, Co. Wexford, ROI.On station 20/07/05.To Relief 24/06/15. to ILC and recycled.
D-645 The Martin Jolly. Relief Fleet. On station 23/11/04. To ILC C 2015.
D-646 Hannahbella Ferguson. Larne, Co Antrim. On station 04/08/05. To Relief 21/07/15. To ILC and recycled.
D-647 Barry Lazell. Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex. On station08/08/0. To Relief 29/07/15. To ILC and recycled.
D-648 Spirit of Mortimer. Teddington, Middlesex. On station 24/05/05.  To Relief 19/10/15. To ILC and recycled.
D-649 Dorothy Beatrice May Gorman. Bembridge, Isle of Wight. On station 10/08/05. To Relief  09/03/15.
D-650 Helen Olive Palmer. Relief Fleet. On station 28/03/05. to ILC 20`15.
D-651 John William Hirst. Torbay, South Devon. Onstation 04/10/05. To Relief 25/11/15. To ILC and recycled.
D-652 Team Effort. Fishguard, Pembrokeshire. On station  10/04/06. To Relief 08/12/15. to ILC and recycled.
D-653 William Hadley. Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire. On station 23/11/05. Withdrawn 14/12/15. To ILC and recycled.
D-654 Angel of Holyhead.  Holyhead, Anglesey. On station 10/11/05. To ILC 19/01/16. To BB-654 20`17.
D-655 Guardian Angel. Relief Fleet. On station 17/11/05. iLC Yard 04/2018. ILC Yard 04/2018.
D-656 William Robert Sanderson. Llandudno (Ormes Head), Conway. On station 22/11/05. Withdrawn 06/04/16.
D-657 Sally. Lytham St. Annes, Lancs. On station 18/04/06. To ILC 06/09/16 and recycled.
D-658 Sir Y Flint. Flint, Flintshire. On station 19/12/06. WFU 19/05/16.
D-659 Sir Godfrey Benbow. Howth, Co. Dublin, ROI. On station 07/02/06. WFU 12/07/16.
D-660 City of Leeds. Relief Fleet. On station 22/02/06.T Boarding Boat 08/2016 at Lough Swilly.
D-661 Jane Anne II. Wells, Norfolk. On station 01/09/07. WFU 12/07/16.
D-662 Eleanor. Sheerness, Kent. On station 27/09/06. WFU  11/08/16.
D-663 Duggie Rodbard. Walmer, Kent. On station 13/12/06. To ILC 19/04/16 and recycled.
D-664 Puffin. Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. On station 11/12/06. WFU 05/10/16.
D-665 The Doris Relief Fleet. On station 05/07/07.
666 Unnamed. Relief Fleet. 2007. Not completed.
D-667 The Rotary Centennial Queen. Anstruther, Fife. On station 30/11/06. Withdrawn 27/10/16.
D-668 Colin Bramley Parker. St. Ives, Cornwall. On station 05/02/07.Withdrawn 13/12/16. At Engine To  Engine Training Workshops 02/08/18.
D-669 George Bearman. Exmouth, Devon. On station 28/09/06. Withdrawn 12/01/17.Stored
D-670 Harold Arnold. Relief Fleet. On station 05/07/07. D/O D/O Mar 22018.
D-671 Sheringham Shanty Men. Wicklow, Co. Wicklow, ROI. On station 21/02/07. Withdrawn 23/02/17.
D-672 Ernest and Rose Chapman II. Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex. On station 19/03/07. To Relief 14/17.2/0
D-673 Christine. Aldeburgh, Suffolk,. On station 01/05/07. To ILC and recycled 03/05/17.
D-674 OEM Stone III Whitby, North Yorkshire. On station 15/05/07. To Relief 05/07/17. TO BB-674.
D-675 The Doris and Harry B Relief Fleet. On station 18/07/07. D/o Mar 2018.
D-676 Leslie and Peter Downes. Pwllheli, Gwynedd. On station 22/08/07. to Store 19/07/17.
D-677 Jacky Hunsley. Redcar, Cleveland. On station 08/08/07. To Relief 21/07/14.
-D-678 Rotarian Clive Tanner. Barmouth, Gwynedd. On station 05/05/07. To ILC 27/09/17.To BB.
D-679 Grainne Uaile. Clifton, Galway, ROI. On station 22/08/07. To ILC 19/10/17.
D-680 Marjorie Wilkinson. Relief Fleet. On station 19/09/07. TO ILC 01/03/18. aTt ALC 14/06/18.
D-681 Olive Herbert Two. Fowey, Cornwall. On station 28/09/07. Withd To BB-681 Porthdinllae. latte 2019.
-682 The Essex Freemason. Southend-on-Sea, Essex. On station 05/11/07 To South Region depot 07/2015... Ex-Southend to ILC 09/01/18. tTo BB-682
D-683 Tradewinds. Fethard, Co. Wexford, ROI. On station 28/11/07. To ILC Store 01/02/18.
D-684 Telford Shopping Centre. Troon, Ayrshire. On station 17/12/07. To relief  25/04/18.
D-685 Winifred. Relief Fleet,. On station 14/11/07.
D-686 Peter Downes. Seahouses, Northumberland. On station 10/01/08. To ILC 23/10/18.
D-687 The Western. Ballyglass, Co. Mayo, ROI. On station 01/02/08.officially named 01/11/08.
D-688 Albert Wordley. Horton and Port Eynon. On station 04/03/08. To ILC 02/08/18.
D-689 Enfys. Moelfre, Anglesey. On station 24/01/08. To ILC 02/08/18. to bB-689 at Weymouth.
D-690 David Young. Relief Fleet. On station 30/01/08. To ILC 01/2019. Sold 04/2019.
D-691 Betty and Thomas Moore. Selsey, West Sussex. On station 27/02/08. To ILC 16/10/18.
D-692 Connie Dains Penarth, Glamorgan. On station 19/03/08. to iLC 22/05/18.
D-693 Mark Noble Tynemouth, Tyne & Wear. On station 23/04/08. To ILC 21/10/18.
D-694 James Bissett Simpson. Aberdeen, Grampian. On station 17/04/08. to iLC 22/11/18.
D-695 The Pat. Relief Fleet. On station 02/09/08. To ILC 01/2019. Sold 04/2019.
D-696 Annie Stock II. Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. On station 07/05/08. To iLC 05/12/18.
D-697 Stranraer Saviour (Civil Service No 49). Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway. On station 05/06/08. To ILC 20/12/18.
D-698 The Sheila Barrie. Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Tayside. On station 23/07/08. To ILC 23/04/19.
D-699 Daphne May. Hastings, East Sussex. On station 19/03/08. To ILC 29/04/19.
D-700 Bobby's Boat. Relief Fleet. On station 20/03/09. To Rhyl 19/03/14. ToRedcar07/03/15.
 D-701 Henly Eight. Withernsea, East Yorkshire 2009-date, entered service  12/02/09. To disposal 11/06/19
D-702 Spirit of the Dart. Dartmouth, Devon. On station 25/07/08. To ILC  ILC 10/06/19.
D-703 Joseph Hughes. Craster, Northumberland. On station 09/10/08. To iLC 30/07/19.
D-704 Myrtle and Trevor Gurr. St. David's, Pembrokeshire,. On station 24/11/08. To ILC 29/09/19.
D-705 Northern Light. Relief Fleet. On station 28/10/08.
D-706 Tigger Three. Margate, Kent. On station 17/12/08 To ILC. 01/10/19.
D-707 Copeland Bell. Port Isaac, Cornwall.  On station 23/11/08 To Disposal 24/10/19.
D-708 Jimmy Miff. Dunbar, Lothian. On station 08/01/09.
D-709 Elsie Ida Meade. Cardigan, Ceredigion.  On station 28/01/09 To ILC 03/12/19.
D-710 Charles Blankstone Relief Fleet. On station 11/05/09.
D-711 Caird An Chuain. Courtown, Co. Wexford, ROI. On station 20/08/09. To ILC 29/01/20.
D-712 Christine. Minehead, Somerset. On station 09/07/09. To ILC  30/01/20.
D-713 Nigel Martin Spender. Port Talbot, West Glamorgan. On station 17/03/09
D-714 Jean Ryall South Broads, Oulton Broad, Suffolk. On station 11/04/10. To Relief late 2011. To Porthcawl, Mid Glamorgan 18/05/12.
D-715 Leicester Tiger Relief Fleet. On station 21/01/10.
D-716 Brian's Pride Portsmouth, Hants. On station 06/08/09.
D-717 Deborah Brown II Ilfracombe, North Devon. On station 26/08/09.
D-718 Catherine Kipford, Dumfries and Galloway On station 10/11/09.
D-719 Mary Elizabeth Barnes Fleetwood, Lancs. On station 05/11/09.
D-720 Norma and Bill Burleigh Relief Fleet. On station 19/02/10.
D-721 Windsor Spirit Bridlington, East Yorkshire. On station 14/09/09.
D-722 Margaret Mary Timpany Morecombe, Lancs. On station 19/11/09.
D-723 Damarkand IV Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.  On station 25/06/09.
D-724 John Wesley Hillard III Scarborough, North Yorkshire. On station 02/12/09.
D-725 Kenneth R. Easter Relief Fleet. On station 19/10/10.
D-726 Bradley and Sonia Fenit Co. Kerry, ROI. On station 08/01/10.
D-727 Georgina Taylor Tenby, Pembrokeshire. On station 08/12/09.
D-728 Braund Filey, North Yorkshire. On station 25/01/10.
D-729 Eileen Mary George Blackpool, Lancs.On station 01/04/10.
D-730 Constance Green Relief Fleet. On station 17/03/10.
D-731 Ralt na Mara Dunlaoghaire,Co. Dublin, ROI. On station 10/06/10.
D-732 Basil Eric Brooks Blackpool, Lancs. On station 01/04/10.
D-733 Vision of Tamworth Barrrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. On station 14/09/10.
D-734 George and Muriel Cromer, Norfolk. On station 17/07/10.
D-735 Bill and John Cama Relief Fleet. On station 20/05/10.
D-736 Mildred Holcroft Amble, Northumberland. On station 23/07/10.
D-737 Alistair Greenlass7 Campbeltown, Argyll. On station 05/08/10.
D-738 David Roulston (Civil Service No. 52) Port Rush, Co. Antrim. On station 09/09/10.
D-739 Peterborough Beer Festival IV. Skegness, Lincs. On station 02/09/10. destroyed by fire 20/05/16.
D-740 Ole Schroder Relief Fleet. On station 27/10/10.
D-741 Ollie Naismith Looe, Cornwall. On station 15/11/10.
D-742 Spirit of Leicester Port St. Mary, IOM. On station 19/10/10.
D-743 Olwen and Tom Teddington, Middx. On station 09/12/10.
D-744 Lawrence and Percy Hobbs Eaastbourne, East Sussex. On station 08/09/11.
D-745 My Way Relief Fleet. On station 30/08/11. To Eyemouth 14/08/15.
D-746 Alan and Amy Blyth, Northumberland. On station 30/01/12.
D-747 My Jo Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. On station 08/11/11.
D-748 Willett Calshot, Hants. On station 11/11/11.
D-749 Diane Hilary Burry Port, Carmarthanshire. On station
D-750 Yeoman of the Guard Relief Fleet. On station
D-751 Seahorse  (Ex-Dave and Mary) West Kirby, Merseyside. On station 19/06/12.
D-752 Phil and Jack Swanage, Dorset. On station 12/07/12.
D-753 Clive and Imelda Rawlings Trearrdur Bay, Anglesey. On station 15/08/12.
D-754 Audrey LJ New Quay, Cardiganshire . On station 12/09/12.
D-755 Peggy D Relief Fleet. On station 30/04/12.
D-756 George Bird Bude, Cornwall On station 19/12/12.
D-757 James Burgess II Cleethorpes, Lincs. On Station 12/12/12.
D-758 Evelyn M North Berwick, East Lothian. On station 30/05/13.
D-759 Robert Fergusson Arbroath, Angus. On station 20/06/13.
D-760 Geoffrey Scott Borth, Ceredigion. On station 17/07/13
D-761 Mark Lott The Mumbles, South Glamorgan. On station 18/09/13.
D-762 M + P Anderson Vick Relief Fleet. On station 28/09/13.
D-763 Amy Brown Sennen Cove, Cornwall.
D-764 Nigel A Kennedy Montrose, Angus.
D-765 May-Bob Conwy, Conwy. On Station 19/03/14.
D-766 Jack & Edith May Little and Broadhaven, Pembrokeshire. On station 20/03/14.
D-767 John F. Mortimer Workington, Cumbria.On station 20/05/14.
D-768 Robleen Relief Fleet. On station 16/06/14.
D-769 Ray of Hope Littlehampton, West Sussex.On station 07/07/14.
D-770 Mary Maxwell Rhyl, Denbigshire. On station 12/08/14.
D-771 William Henderson Southend-on-Sea, Essex. On station 23/09/14.
D-772 Rusper II Rock, Cornwall. On station 06/10/14.
D-773 Enid Mary Newquay, Cornwall. On station 05/11/14.
D-774 Arthur Hamilton Relief Fleet. Completed 23/10/14. To store in 1`1/2014.To Relief Fleet.
D-775 Eliza Newcastle, Co. Down.On station 03/12/14.
D-776 Super GII Angle, Pembrokeshire. On station 13/01/15.
D-777 Vi & Charles Hogbin Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland. On station 28/01/15.
D-778 Norman Harvey Bembridge, IOW. On station 09/03/15.
D-779 Jacob Hayling  Island, Hants. On station 01/04/15.
D-780 Hick's Help Relief Fleet. On station 01/05/15.
D-781 Isabella Purchase Tramore, Co. Waterford, ROI. On station 28/05/15.
D-782 Alfred William Newman Wexford, Co. Wexford, ROI. On station 25/06/15.
D-783 Terry Larne, Co Antrim, NI. On station 21/07/15.
D-784 Joan Woodland Shoreham-by-Sea,  west Sussex. On station29/07/15.
D-785 Peter Saw Teddington, Surrey. On station 19/10/15.
D-786 Eileen May Loach-Thomas Redcar, North Yorkshire. On station 07/10/15.
D-787 XKalibur St. Agnes, Cornwall. On station 23/10/15.
D-788 Leslie + Mary Daws Torbay, Devon. On station 25/11/15.
D-789 Edward Arthur Richardson Fishguard, Pembrokeshire. On station 08/12/15.
D-790 Stanley Whiteley Chadwick Mablethorpe, Lincs. On station 07/12/15.
D-791 Mary + Archie Hooper Holyhead, Anglesey.On station 19/01/16.
D-792 Marie Theresa Bertha Barrass Relief Fleet. On station 09/02/16. To Skegness 20/05/1 Withdrawn 10/10/19.6.
D-793 Dr Barbara Saunderson LLandudno, Clwyd. On station 06/04/16.
D-794 Duggie Rodbard II Walmer, Kent. On station 19/04/16.
D-795 The Lady Barbara Flint, Flintshire. On station 19/05/16.
D-796 Aideen Cresswell Howth, co. Dublin, ROI. On station 12/07/16.
D-797 Peter Wilcox Wells, Norfolk. on station 12/07/16.
D-798 John wickens Relief Fleet. On Station 13/10/16.To Poole on Station 12/11/16. To Relief Fleet 02/02/17.
D-799 Buster Sheerness, Kent. On station 11/08/16.
D-800 Moam Lytham St. Annes, Lancs. On station 06/09/16.
D-801 Burnham Reach Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. On station 05/10/16.
D-802 Akira Anstruther, Fife.On station 27/10/16.
D-803 Donald Dean St. Ives, Cornwall. On station 13/12/16.
D-804 Gladdys Maud Burton Poole,  Dorset. On station 02/02/17.
D-805 George Bearman II Exmouth, Devon. On station 12/01/17.
D-806 Dennis-Audrey Wicklow, Co. Wicklow, ROI. On station 23/02/17.
D-807 David and Barbara Chapman Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex.On station 12/04/17.
D-808 Susan Scott Aldeburgh, Suffolk. On station 03/05/17.
D-809 Eric Howland Relief fleet. On station 05/07/17.
D-810 Warter Priory Whitby, North Yorkshire. On station 05/07/17. Officially named 08/07/17.
D-811 Robert J. Wright Pwlleli, Gwynedd. On station 19/07/17.
D-812 Elaine M  cLeod Scott Relief Fleet. On station 07/09/17.
D-813 Russell Pickering Happisburgh, Norfolk. on station 19/09/17.
D-814 Craig Steadman Barmouth, Gwynedd. On station 27/09/17.
D-815 Celia Mary Clifden, Co. Galway, ROI. On station 19/10/17.
D-816 Eileen Murphy Relief Fleet.   On station 11/11/17.
D-817 Olive Mary Fowey,, Cornwall. On station 19/12/17.
D-818 Len Thorne GM DFC. Southend-on-Sea. Essex. On Station 09/01/18.
D-819 Naomh Dubhan Fethard, Co. Wexford, ROI. On Station 01./02/18.
D-820 Frances Mary Corscaden Relief Fleet. 26/04/18.
D-821 Sheena Troon, Ayrshire. on station  25/04/18.
D-822 Spirit of Penarth II Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan. on Station 22/05/18.
D-823 Clann Lir Ballyglass, Co. Mayo, ROI. On Station 28/06/18.
D-824 Barbara Jane Horton and port Eynon, Mid-Glamorgan. On station 17/07/18.
D-825 Enfys 2 Moelfre, Anglesey. On station 02/08/18.
D-826 Barbara Anne Bennett Relief Fleet.
D-827 Flt John Buckley RAF Selsey, East Sussex. On station 17/10/18.
D-828 Grace Darling Seahouses, Northumberland. On Station 23/10/18.
D-829 Little Susie Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear.  On station 21/10/18.
D-830 Bouy Woody-85 Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. On station 22/11/18.
D-831   RNLI Private boat. Not built for rNLI.
-832 AAdrian Beaumont Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. On Station 05/12/18.
D-833 Sheila Macdonald Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. On Station 20/12/18.
D-834 Oor Lifesaver Broughty Ferry, Tayside.ONn Station 23/04/19. 
D-835 Richard Francis Hastings, East Sussex. On station 29/04/19
D-836 Marjorie Boneham Relief Fleet. On Station 26/05/19.
D-837 Mary Beal Withensea, East Yorks. On station 11/06/19.
D-838 Dudley Jane Dart, Devon Delivered 10/07/19..
D-839 SKPR James Ballard RNVR DFC Craster, Northumberland. Delivered 30/07/19.
D-840 Marion and Alan Clayton St. Davids, Pembrokeshir  Delivered 28/09/19.
D-841 Alfred Alexander Staden Margate, Kent. Delivered 01/10/19.
D-842 The Holland Family Skegness, Lincs. Delivered 09/10/19.
D-843 Pride of Port Isaac Port Isaac, Cornwal Delivered 24/10/19.
D-844 David Lauder Dunbar, AAberdeenshire.
D-845 John Darbyshire Cardigan, Cerridigio Delivered 04/12/19.n.
D-846 Frank Courtown, Co. Wexford, ROI. Delivered 29/01/20.
D-847 Exmoor Belle Minehead, Somerset. Delivered 31/01/20.
D-848 Craig Morriss Port Talbot, Neath.
D-849 Damar's Pride Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.
D-850   Portsmouth, Hants.
D-851 Deborah Brown III Ilfracombe, Devon.
D-852 Ernie Wellings Bridlington, North Yorks.
D-853 Harbet Fleetwwood, Lancs.
D-854 Bonnie Sinclair Kipford, Dumfries and Galloway.
D-855 Buzz II Morcombe, Lancs
D-856   Scarborough, North Yorks.
D-857   Relief Fleet
D-858   Tenby, Pembrokeshire.
D-859   Filey, North Yorks.
D-862   Blackpool, Lancs
D-864   Blackpool, Lancs.



The first of the D-600's D-600 Metcap seen with the Training Fleet at Poole 01/10/09 (Photo N. Rush)

D-600C Capsize Trainer at Poole on 15/12/11 (Photo N. rush)

D-609C at Morcombe in use as a Capsize Trainer on 04/04/16 (Photo phil Crocket)

The Relief Fleet's Edna May (D620), sans engine and on top of Pilgrim (D-524), at Poole HQ 21/01/09 (Photo N. Rush)

Langley Muir (D-630) of the Relief Fleet at Poole 30/01/09 (Photo N. Rush)

Jack Hunsley (D-677) seen of Redcar in 2008 (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

RNLB Bobbys Boat D-700 seen with the Training Fleet at Poole 24/01/13 (Photo N. Rush)

RNLB Gladys Maud Burton D-804 at Poole 04/02/17 (Photo N. Rush)

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