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E-class Fast Response Craft  

Dimensions 9m x 2.8m x 1.3m. Speed 40-kts.
Displacement 3.5-tonnes. Range - E-07 on AIS ILC-Poole 55.9kts!!
Construction Aluminium with closed cell polythene foam collar. Endurance 4-hours.
Engines 2 x 255-hp Steyr diesels powering Hamilton waterjets. Crew 3

Originally built by the now defunct Tiger Marine the boats first entered service in 2002 and equip the Tower Pier (Waterloo Pier) and Chiswick stations. Teddington uses two D-class boats to monitor the river.

MK1 E-class Fleet Details

No. Name Year C/Sign Base
E-001 Public Servant (Civil Service No. 44). 2002 MFRG6 Thames, Tower Pier.  On station 02/01/02. WFU and scrapped 19/04/12
E-002 Olive Laura Deare. 2002 MFYQ5 Relief boat Thames, Chiswick, ( On station 02/01/02. WFU 2012. To RNLI Museum Chatham 06/2013.
E-003 Chelsea Pensioner. 2002 MFYQ2 On station Gravesend 11/01/02. To Thames/Chiswick. Last launch Gravesend 21/12/15. Scrapped on 09/10/17. 
E-004 Ray and Audrey Lusty. 2002 MFRG4 Thames, Chiswick. On station 02/01/02. WFU and scrapped early 2012..
E-005 Legacy. 2002 MFQU5 Thames, Tower Pier.  On station 21/02/02. To Cowes 2018 to be made into a single Relief boat with E-006. Rebuilt as E-005/Legacy. Returned to service at Chiswick 26/10/18.
E-006 Joan and Ken Bellamy. 2002 MFRG3 Thames, Tower Pier. On station 21/02/02. To Cowes 2018 to be made into a single boat with e-005. Scrrapped 09/12018. ish.

Introduced in 2002 and bought "Off the Shelf" to meet Thames operational requirements. The replacements for these craft, which were scheduled for 2009, have been put on hold as the economic crisis keeps interest rates and property prices low thus affecting the legacies left to the RNLI as they are inevitably linked to investments and property.


Built at MST in Liverpool, powered by  2 x Volvo Penta  XD6 435 engines driving 2 x Hamilton Waterjets, it is  10.5m in length.

E-07 Hurley Burly   2DNW5 Tower. On station 24/06/11. Officially named  31/10/11.
E-08 Dougie and Donna B   2DNW6 Thames. On station 23/05/12. Officially name 27/09/12.
E-09 Brawn Challenge   2DNW7 Tower Pier. On Station 30/05/12.Officially named 28/09/12.

E-001 Public Servant CS No.  44 (Photo RNLI/Jane Morgan)

E-002 Olive Laura Deare seen off Gravesend, Kent (Photo Ian Boyle/

E-003 Chelsea Pensionerseen on "ready Reserve" at Chiswick 30/10/12 (Photo Chiswick LBS)

E-004 Ray and Audrey Lusty (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

E-005 Legacy at London Bridge on 27/05/08 (Photo Ian Boyle/

E-006 Joan and Ken Bellamy (Photo Courtesy RNLI)

E-07 Hurly Burley seen at Poole 15/09/11 before delivery (Photo N. Rush)

E-08 Dougie and Donna B )Photo Ken Smith)

E-09 Braun Challenge pictured at Poole LMC on 19/07/12 (Photo N. Rush)

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